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Apr 23, 2012 09:55 PM

Dtr Graduating Navy BootCamp In June - Anyone Have Some Recomendations On A Place To Eat That's Not To Over-Priced But Decent??

We have to stay within a 50 mile radius from the Navy Bootcamp station..

We have never been to Chicago...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

We would like someplace relaxed/business casual.
Not overpriced!
But not a place like Denny's.....

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  1. First of all, congratulations.

    More information would be helpful. Chicago is both enormous geographically and it is a food mecca with many really great restaurants in every price range and offering virtually every type of food.

    Here's what we need to know to answer your questions:

    I think you mean dinner, but I'm not sure, so please clarify what meal.

    Are there types of food or cuisines that you really like or really don't like?

    "Not Dennys" gives us some information about what you don't want, but "not overpriced" is very subjective. For some folks, entrees in the $30s is pretty reasonable; for others "not overpriced" would mean not over $20, etc. About how much do you want to spend for the whole meal, including wine or liquor?

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    1. re: chicgail

      Thank you everyone who has replied....

      @ chicgail ---

      1. We will be in Great Lakes
      2. Nothing over $25.00 P/P - Whole Meal Including Drinks
      3. No Wine
      4. Most Likely Early Dinner (She has to be back before 7:30 p.m.)
      5. Open To Any Kind Of Food As Long As It Is Good
      6. My youngest daughter wants to try a famous Chicago Pizza and Chicago dog... LOL we will probably do that another day as we will be there for four days....***Any suggestions for a really good pizza and the best Chicago dog would be greatly appreciated too..

      @ Jmcarthur8 --- Thank you, very much for your kind thoughts :) Is Shanty like a Red Lobsters???

      1. re: Zshayla

        The Silo in Lake Bluff has good deep dish pizza.
        Portillo's in Vernon Hills does a great Chicago hot dog.
        The Shanty is much better than Red Lobster; it is not at all like a chain.

        1. re: Zshayla

          Absolutely get a deep dish pizza. I like the ones with sausage or spinach and mushrooms. And absolutely get a Chicago dog. Do not attempt to put ketchup on it! You may get your hand slapped. There are lots of places in the area that make a great Chicago dog - it's a mouthful, but oh, so good!

          As other posters have said, the Shanty is not like a Red Lobster. It's way better and the staff were extra friendly and helpful when we were there.

          Where will your sailor be going for A school?

      2. When our son graduated from Great Lakes in January, we took him to The Shanty in Wadsworth. It's not far north of the base, and easy to get to if you don't know your way around.
        The Shanty is a seafood place -we loved the food. In fact, hubby and I went there the night before graduation, too. I had walleye both times and was so happy to be back in the Chicago area again where you can get great fish! We moved to Georgia some years ago and it seems that only catfish can be served here. ;-)
        Congratulations to your daughter. I know how tough it is for the entire family while your Seaman Recruit is in basic, and please thank your daughter for us for her upcoming service.

        1. Francesca's Intimo in Lake Forest,, might also be a suitable locale for your celebration dinner with your daughter. I've never eaten at this location, but Francesca's is a local chain that features good, reasonably priced Italian food (but not a "chain" in the sense of Olive Garden -- this is authentic Italian food, prepared from scratch in the kitchen of each restaurant.)

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          1. re: masha

            I like the idea of the Shanty for you. What I most want to say is congratulations to your family and your daughter, please thank her for her willingness to serve.

            1. re: masha

              @ Masha - Thank you! I will look into it.....

              @ manomin - Did a web search & found The Shanty :) My husband is really considering that restaurant because it was on the food network show *Diner's, Drive-Ins, and Dives* and the food looked tasty and the restaurant had a laid back type of atmosphere.

              Thank you! :)

              1. re: Zshayla

                Well I hope you enjoy it! Should be crowded as business in the places filmed goes up at percentage points of notches astronomical proportions! I just helped film an episode here in Hawaii this month. Again, thank your daughter!

            2. Somehow I did not see this post when I posed the same question. We will also be there for the June 29 graduation! Right now, I'm thinking Shanty's might be a great place. It seems like there's a number of good options.

              Maybe I'll see you there. If we wind up at the same place, we'll recognize each other because they have to keep their uniforms on...LOL.