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Apr 23, 2012 08:32 PM

22 Birthday Dinner : NEED HELP!

Hey everyone... so my birthday is coming up and I really need your help with a restaurant! I am a 22 year old male and am not a picky eater. Here's the catch. I need to make a reservation for 9 people and I know a lot of restaurants do not accommodate that many for a reservation. I want to keep entrees in the 20-30 dollar range excluding alcohol but am still looking for a good quality restaurant that's not overly touristy!

My top pick was going to be Crispo but for 9 and over it is a price fix menu which isn't a problem for me but I don't want the price to be a burden on others.

I would appreciate some recommendations and any cuisine is fine. Thank you!

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  1. How much was Crispo's prix fixe? At $20-30 for secondi, I figure the restaurant you're thinking of would also charge $15-22 for primi, perhaps $8-12 for salads/appetizers, and about $5-7 for dessert. Does that sound about right? So if the prix fixe is anywhere up to about $75, it's within your price range, but you'd probably prefer to keep it $65 or lower. I think Crispo is a good choice for you to celebrate, but you could also try calling 'Inoteca in the Lower East Side and Supper on 2nd St. near Av. A, in that order of quality. I think 'Inoteca is excellent, and a bonus is that they have a full bar and very good, well-priced wines, and if anyone wants to go barhopping afterwards, you're already in the Lower East Side, with Max Fish right near there.

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      Yea I understand what you're saying. I think everyone will probably just order an entree though. That's what I meant when I said entrees in the 20-30 dollar range meaning we'd get an entree and that's it... and obviously some drinks. I should have specified as well but I want to stay out of the lower east side and more on the number avenues and number streets if that makes sense. It's just more convenient for where we're going afterwards.

      1. re: adams728

        Where's the place you are going afterwards?

        1. re: Pan

          I'm going out in murray hill so the restaurant doesn't have to be in murray hill, it could be in chelsea or midtown or wherever. I just think lower east side might be a little out of the way.. no?

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            Not so much. Murray Hill is on the East Side. Chelsea - well, I guess there are crosstown buses, but it's on the West Side.

            There is an 'Inoteca in Murray Hill. I don't think it would be as much fun for the average crowd of 20-somethings, but based on one visit there, I found the food to be on par with their Lower East Side location, though a bit different.

            1. re: Pan

              tamarind (indian fusion) has no problem with loud large parties (i'll admit to being obnoxious there) and an attached bar. 22nd and madison so you can walk to banc or wherever you are going after, or 1 stop on the 6.