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Apr 23, 2012 08:18 PM

Fresh kimchi

It's been 2-3 years since I bought any, and when I did I bought from a jar @ T&T [blush]. As you can tell I'm no kimchi connoisseur. Wondering which shops sell them "fresh" (the way olives are sold at delis) ? And do they come in different levels of hotness ?

H-Mart ?
Little Korea (Lougheed Hwy/North Rd) ?

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  1. I tried some kimchi from T&T when I first moved here and didn't like it. I've been getting mine from H-Mart ever since they opened the downtown store. They've recently expanded the kimchi section and, while it's not quite in the deli-olive "fresh" category, it does the trick for me. Haven't noticed different hotness levels though.

    1. Hi LR

      There's a Korean guy and his wife at the Trout Lake Farmer's Market that make it. They also make one with baby daikon along with other miscellaneous Korean goodies.

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        You'll find them at the Yarrow ecovillage table. I picked up some very yummy garlic scape pickle from them.

        Another grocer to check out is Kim's Market on East Broadway (just a bit east of main, nearish Fraser?).
        I've not been there yet myself but they have quite a good rep and are reported to carry a large kimchi selection.

      2. Thanks very much, everyone ! Lots of options, it seems. I can easily check out Kim's Market on E.Broadway (btw, I just noticed yesterday the entire VCC satellite building across from Pizzeria Barberella has been demolished), H-Mart and the Trout Lake farmers market. Going out to Yarrow would be a day trip for me. It'd be great to sample different ones before committing to a whole jar/tub.

        1. Let us know if you find any kimchi with raw seafood thrown in, like clams. I love that kind.

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            Will do :-) I'm planning on going to H-Mart (Aberdeen Mall) tonight after work. I'll check out their stash. And also the Kim's Market on Broadway this weekend.

          2. The original comment has been removed