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Apr 23, 2012 08:15 PM

After 9:30pm take out options in Sunnyside and LIC?

Looking for take out on Monday nights in Sunnyside and LIC as I'm there until late-- used to get takeout from I Am THAI until they started closing on Mon nights permanently instead of just during the summer----but I liked that I am thai would adapt to different dietary restrictions I mostly I go to De Mole instead...are there any other options, especially comparable Thai in the vicinity--I've never tried Curry point, and they've got a B inspection--and I tend to not like halal anyway---I don't want a place that closes at 10pm because by the time I drive there, and find a parking space if necessary--it's getting near to 9:45pm--so, I want the food fresh--not the last bits before they close up. --open to most cuisines...thanks for some update info :)

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  1. Mangal? They are open till 11, I think.
    I like Curry Point, can be hit or miss. What don't you like about Halal? Just curious.

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      Parking is so hard on QB near Mangal--but, yes, that's an option...I'm just a bit burned out on Turkish med food----I don't eat meat, except for organic chicken or some seafood--and for other members of my family that do eat meat, I wouldn't eat halal for several reasons--of which here are a few. the way that halal meat is butchered is truly disturbing to me, as well as halal is generally very poor quality-, from source control to serious processing bacteria issues, etc---I know from many reliable sources how the meat is butchered and handled, etc--and you can see lots of evidence of this if you research it....I also don't care for kosher meats either--the butchering techniques can certainly vary depending on where you go--but the taste and texture of kosher meat is not to my liking--and it smells horrible--when all the blood is drained from the meats it changes it. I still cook meat for my family, and I try to know what I'm buying. But, frankly, I don't believe the current jurisdication over kosher and halal processing properly protects the consumer.

      1. re: janie

        Thank you; that is very interesting. I may be feeling differently about Kosher/Halal now, too.
        Quaint on Skillman is open till 10, so is Dog and Duck. Also, there are those 2 French restaurants that have opened up lately; one on 46th and the other on Queens Blvd. They may be open late.

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        I had some freshly made babaganoush from Mangal yesterday.
        The best I've ever had.
        Tasty falafel sandwich on homemade bread.

      3. China Taste on 46th St. and 48th Ave. is our go-to for Chinese takeout - it's nothing special, but better than the other places in the 'hood, and they have excellent dumplings (I think they get them frozen from somewhere in Flushing). They're open till 11, I think. I have gotten take out from the relatively new Nodus on QB btw 45th and 46th - not sure how late they're open, but the food is decent. Dee Thai on QB btw 46th and 47th is decent as well, but again, I'm not sure when they close. Pete's Diner on QB down in the low 40s is open late, I think, and they do very passable burgers, omelets, etc.

        1. Tangra (QB & 39th Pl) is open till 10:30 or 11 I think.

          1. Thai Malay is a great takeout only (mostly--just 2 tables) place on Skillman around 50th that stays open late.