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Apr 23, 2012 07:57 PM

How Do You Make Popcorn?

I do like popcorn. The yellow, large kernel variety. I have prepared it many ways over the years and thought I had finally settled on a way that suits me. I have been using a Presto microwave popper with Orville's name on it. I like it because it uses no oil (more butter) and makes virtually no noise since it is used in the microwave (I don't wake my wife at night).

But now I have to find another way. I much prefer the no oil method so I can use more butter. However, the bean counters at Presto have dumbed down the "power cups", those white discs, so much that the thing is virtually useless. If someone made after market "power cups" that actually worked, I'd buy them. Not long ago you could count on using one disc for three batches. Now you need two discs and they last for one batch. It is now a worthless piece of junk. Thanks bean counters. Once again you have reached the pinnacle of the peter principle. I'm open to all thoughts on how to solve this problem. I need my popcorn.

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  1. Quick and easy, I buy microwave bags. Otherwise, stovetop with a mix of butter and oil and sea salt.

    If I don't want to make any noise, I will get pre-made carmel corn.

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      I certainly thought of that but I don't like all the chemical ingredients in the stuff.

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        Put kernels In paper bag in microwave.

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          I have recently bought a box of the Natural Orvil Redenbacher popcorn and was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't create that horrid chemical smell/taste. After over a decade of only popping my own in a pot with coconut oil... I now try and keep a box of it in the house.

          I use it to make the BEST caramel popcorn ever... (Dam Good recipe)

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            I agree with 2 or 3 TBSP yellow popping corn into paper lunch bag...fold top closed leaving room for popped corn...microwave til almost all done popping...carefully empty into bowl and put desired toppings on. I keep using the same bag, too. I have never had any popcorn pop out of the bag; this is the easiest way to have popcorn, it seems to me.

      2. I just use a large soup pot... a little coconut oil in the bottom of the pan and sprinkle in some kernels. I've never made it any other way and it's the way my parents made it for us growing up. Dump it in a large paper grocery bag and cover w/ salt and butter and shake!

        1. The only way I can think to go no-oil so you can add more butter is to buy a hot-air popper.

          1. I use an air popper so i can add fat of choice later. DH can have his butter and salt, I have olive oil, salt and crushed red pepper. It is a little loud, but fast. Clean up is a snap.

            1. A brown paper bag (lunch sack size) in the microwave. No butter or salt added for the popping process. Crease the top of the bag well a few times so it doesn't burst open.

              I use 1/4 to 1/3 c. measure of Orville R. popcorn.

              This method results in more dead kernals after popping then ... say ... making on the stove top in a dedicated pan (my second favorite method), but it's quick and easy, and you can re-use the bag.

              Drizzle with oil/butter and salts of choice after popping.

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                Second the brown bag method... You can use lots of different seasonings / toppings - yum!

                1. re: MunchkinRedux

                  Haha, yes, I have a dedicated popcorn pan as well. That thing is older than I am (my mom got it in her Revere cookware set when she was married) and makes perfect corn every time. Other than that, I go for the brown bag in microwave too. I can't believe the money the food companies made with those awful microwave popcorn bags. Most people didn't realize they could do the same thing at home for pennies on the dollar.

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                    Now this I will try. The "power cups" that come with the popper have rings on them which are supposed to concentrate the microwave oven's power. Like the material inside the box on a pot pie which will brown the top of the pie. That material is what the bean counters have reduced severely. If I could find some material like that and a brown bag I'd have it.