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Apr 23, 2012 07:31 PM

Desserts or bakeries in Hamilton?

I'm not at all familiar with Hamilton, but I'm looking forward to trying some of the recommendations on other threads when I head there for a show on Saturday. Didn't see much on dessert places or patisseries, though -- any one have suggestions? If they have killer coffee, so much the better. And yes, I like a good cupcake, but it has to be worth the calories: moist, buttery and authentically flavoured. Thanks!

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  1. I've had cake and cupcakes from Cake and Loaf that were amazing. It's on Dundurn St. S, between the 403 and downtown.
    A few streets further east is Locke St. - lots of choices for bakeries there, although I haven't tried any of them. Apparently Bobby Orr loves the whoopie pies from Bitten
    Further up the street is Earth to Table bread bar - great pizzas, sandwiches, salads & baked goods. (Great coffee, too!
    Hope you find something great!

    1. Cake and Loaf cupcakes are amazing. They also make a variety of artisanal breads.
      For some really lovely, classic cupcakes, also try Let Them Eat Cakes, on James Street South. Delicate sponge cupcakes and some lovely seasonal flavours with the most wonderful icing I've ever had on a strawberry cupcake. The owner has serious creds as a pastry chef, though her business focuses mainly on wedding/custom cakes.
      The Bitten cupcakes are a bit sweeter, American-style, but feature quirky flavours.
      Bakery: For portuguese baked goods and bread that will set you back only pocket-change, try Cafe Ola on James Street North. You can walk in at any hour of the day and request hot-out-of the oven portuguese breads, tres leches cake, and flans of all sorts.
      A favorite Saturday ritual is to wander over to the downtown Farmers' Market, to pick up a couple of really lovely pastries from Karlik pastries including custard-filled chocolate eclairs (owner used to be a pastry chef at the Royal York in Toronto), a cup of lovely, aromatic Colombian medium roast from Julia's, and to wander where the wind takes us!

      1. Try the Bean Bar in Westdale (1012 King St. West) - great coffee and desserts (mostly cakes).

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          I'm pretty sure the bean bar buys their desserts from somewhere else - Dufflet, maybe? So although tasty, not unique. (And no cupcakes)

          1. re: hungryjoanne

            Yep; from what I remember, many of the cakes are from Roca bakery. Not even Dufflet's-I'd pay for Dufflets. Coffee and service also iffy at Bean Bar, I'd go elsewhere.

            A few more notable bakery items: savory muffins at My Dog Joe & Mulberry Cafe. Plied with cheese, bacon, vegetables, and things that generally make muffins better. Does anyone know if these are both made in-house? IMHO worth the trip for both.

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              Yes!!! Muffins at My Dog Joe are wonderful, and are made in house - if you time it right they're still warm & crumbly. I hadn't heard of Mulberry Cafe - is that the one on James St. N? Are they connected with My Dog Joe? Sounds like it may be worth the trip downtown to check it out.

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                The cakes at the Bean Bar are from a number of suppliers including La Rocca and Dufflet's. Last year the owner had told me that they had started to bring in some cakes from Dufflet's after I had asked about them a while ago. Unfortunately the staff does not seem to know which cakes are from which supplier but I am familiar enough with Dufflet's to recognize them. I've often spotted the cappuccino dacquoise, chocolate mousse, turtle fudge, lemon coconut, and pink velvet cakes there,

                It can get pretty busy - especially on a Friday or Saturday night - but generally I've had very good coffee and service.

          2. Thanks so much, everyone--I hadn't run into Cake and Loaf, let Them Eat cakes or Cafe Ola, so I really appreciate the suggestions. I didn't mean to imply I was focused on cupcakes, though; a great slice of pie is one of life's wonderful things! Or am I the only one getting less interested in whipped cream and cheesecake as I (ahem) age?

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              If you're looking for a slice of pie try the Harbour Diner. They get them from a local neighbourhood baker and the pies are quite good. Usually they have 3 or 4 varieties on hand - e.g. apple, cherry, blueberry, peach, pear, mixed berries, etc. The coffee is a good deal too - fair trade organic for $1.


            2. Best Cupcakes - Beyond the Batter (Stoney Creek) was a clear winner in blind taste tests. Westdale Cupcakes also deserve honourable mention.
              Best Coffee - Red Hill Coffee Trade is a local roaster that has an outlet in the Farmer's Market. Although I enjoy My Dog Joe/Mulberry Street. Detour (Dundas) also roasts some interesting beans, although I find their espresso roasts a bit acidic.
              Best Buttertarts -Diemant's (Dundas), while Lina's at the Farmer's Market deserves honourable mention.
              Best Doughnuts - authentic butter (no lard!) at Weil's of Westdale are available on saturdays only. Grandad's is great if you want a fresh Canadian style doughnut like Tim Horton's used to make before they sold out and flash froze everything.
              Best Cannoli - Frank's Sicilia Bakery at Barton/Sherman, Pane Del Sole on John N. In the East End - Miceli and Roma Bakeries are boss.

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                Sweet Paradise, Valentino's, Roma Bakery and Sam's Queenston bakery are my Votes for Hamilton, but there are many great spots in the city.

                One thing Hamilton does have is great bakeries!