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Apr 23, 2012 07:16 PM

Vegetarian Restaurant Recommendations

We will be entertaining guests this week and our party includes vegetarians. I am looking for recommendations for a very good vegetarian restaurant or a great place that offers a good range of vegetarian options. We would prefer a location within the downtown/midtown area (say south of Lawrence, east of Bathurst and west of Pape) but all recommendations are welcome.

Many thanks!

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  1. Yours Truly is a new place on Ossington getting tonnes of buzz...though west of Bathurst by a few blocks it has a vegatarian and meat option tasting menu...have heard great things but haven't tried myself yet

    1. woodlot has a pretty good vegetarian menu.

      1. There are a lot of nice vegetarian restaurant in Toronto.
        These are three of the most popular ones.
        Vegetarian Haven
        Fresh on Bloor

        You can check their menus online and see which one your prefer.

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          Of those three, I'd say only Fressen is fancy enough for a special dinner. The other two are lovely, but more of an everyday dinner kind of place.

        2. Thanks everyone. I'm checking all the suggestions.

          1. Honestly as a vegetarian i much prefer going to vegetarian-friendly places over strictly vegetarian restaurants. Plus, my friends love their meat so I'd rather eat somewhere everyone can order something they'd really enjoy. A good rustic Italian restaurant will almost always have a at least one or two vegetarian pizzas, pastas, risottos and sides - terroni/La bettola I keep coming back to due to their home-made pastas. Middle-eastern restaurants are also great for vegetarian fare though it's harder to find nicer ones for a special dinner...93 harbord is one that comes to mind. And Lee is always a favourite - their menu has a pretty substantial vegetarian section and the dishes I've had were very good.

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              Just a heads up that risotto is rarely vegetarian - it's almost always made with chicken stock (or other non-vegetable stock). And the cheese most likely contains rennet, though I realize not all vegetarians worry about that.