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Apr 23, 2012 06:42 PM

Tomo on Palmer...any new reviews & is it still open? Website down.

My friend and I are going to see Dreams of Sushi tomorrow. I know from the trailers that I will have to have sushi afterwards. My friend suggested we go to Tomo on Palmer. She says the sushi is always really fresh. The website has expired (never a good sign in my opinion)! Does anyone know anything about Tomo?

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  1. well, yelp has reviews from as recent as 04/19, which is when i was in that plaza and saw it open.
    either they closed very recently, or forgot to pay for the domain.

    do you want sushi in the area?
    personally, i have had really bad customer service experiences at tomo.
    i go to osaka mansun over at 183 and anderson mill instead.
    they do not always have the same daily specials as tomo, which can be a little more exotic, but it's some good stuff.
    they also have really great HH prices.

    my fave western style treat is the ho chu app, which also comes as a roll:
    lightly seared ahi with a 7 pepper crust, topped with crumbled goat cheese, and honey wasabi sauce.

    they don't have a website, but their facebook page has a lot of info and pics:

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    1. re: dinaofdoom

      Agree with Dina re: Osaka Mansun and also the ho chu app. It's completely non-traditional, but a very tasty mix of flavors.

      Plus the guys who work at their sushi bar are cute and very personable.

    2. I'm with Dina... in this area Osaka is a much better overall dining experience, imho. Even on a Tuesday, you may be on a wait at Tomo.

      They have great Korean dishes, too, if you wanted to mix it up.

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        Thanks for the info. Not really looking for sushi in that area, just looking for good sushi. My friend lives in that area, so that's where she goes. I've never been to Tomo as I usually go to Uchi especially since I can walk there. We will be at Violet Crown so Tomo is really out of the way for me. If you were going to have sushi in that area, where would you go?

        1. re: topeater

          I would suggest Afin (in the old korea garden location across from the yellow rose). They have an excellent happy hour including a dish very simular to the above, and everything I've had has been fresh and creative, staff is attentave and they've really done wonders with the difficult space.

          1. re: amysuehere

            afin is chef choo, who either used to be or still is the chef from osaka mansun (i never see him any more) :-D

          2. re: topeater

            Wow... yeah, if you're going to a movie at Violet Crown, Tomo (or Osaka for that matter) are WAY out of the way.

            If Chef Choo is taking care of the sushi bar at Afin, I would imagine it's going to be good and the service will be great. It's now on my list of places to try.

            I also used to enjoy the sushi at Mushashino, but haven't been in years.

        2. I love Sushi Nini and their HH specials are great. Their albacore is my favorite and they've added a ton of new rolls to the menu along with both hot and cold appetizers.