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Apr 23, 2012 06:17 PM

The Search for a Cobbler

Hello All,
I keep asking my southern husband what type of cake he would like for his birthday. He declined a cake and is instead requesting a blackberry cobbler. Does anyone have any idea where I can purchase a blackberry cobbler?

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  1. Yes. Down South.

    Serously, having just moved back here to Philly after spending several years living in Nashville, I feel safe saying you won't find a cobbler that will make a Southerner happy up here. Or pie. Southerners kick the crap out of Yankee pies and/or cobblers. However, they can't touch us when it comes to breads, cakes and cookies. Go figure.

    If you are determined, I recommend getting a recipie for blackberry cobbler. My favorite desserts down South were chess pie and sour cherry cobbler. I'm considering learning how to bake just so I can make chess pie.

    1. You might be able to persuade the folks at Jack McDavid's Down Home Diner to bake one up for you.

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        My DC had a credible mixed berry cobbler at Matyson the other night. Frankly, assuming you can source the berries, it is not hard to make. And as far as the only good cobbler being south of the Mason Dixon line all I have to say is pshaw. I have seen pie wars, corn bread wars, biscuit wars between folks who live on either sides of the freedom line, and a lot of it comes down to the shortening used. Southerners tend to prefer lard. Works in some things, not in others.

      2. I just had a peach-blackberry cobbler in Glen Mills at a place called Mile High Steak. I bet they would make a blackberry one for you.