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Fuzz Box: East Coast donair in Toronto

I've never had the real thing before. But I have noted the heated posts about the lack of Haligonian donairs in Toronto. Well, for those bemoaners, NOW has posted about a new place opening on the Danforth:

The deep fried pepperoni has me more intrigued than the white sauce.

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    1. re: Davwud

      Maybe they updated the NOW article? it says Monday to Saturday 11 am to 8 pm.

    2. Donairs are the best post-drinking food. Its like gravy pizza in Ottawa.
      Not sure how excited I'd be to eat either of them sober.
      Donair is slightly below gyros and shawarma on the food chain and slightly above hot dogs.

      and that sauce...we used to call it "jizz sauce". when you get a donair, you'll know why.

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      1. re: atomeyes

        Out with your snobbery! I've enjoyed many donairs in the morning, afternoon, and late night, all sober. Extra sauce is welcome!

        I'm excited.

      2. Went for lunch today.

        Had a donair and fried pepperoni.

        The donair was really good. The meat was nice but the sauce was only okay for me. I'm not saying it was bad but I'd prefer it less sweet and more garlicky. So it's just a fine tuning thing to my tastes is all. The pita was nice and fresh and held up pretty well.

        The fried pepperoni was food crack. Honestly, if you love the crispy pepperoni you get on top of pizza, this stuff is for you. It's like pepperoni bacon. The mustard dipping sauce was a nice sweet counterpoint to the spiciness of the crack.


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        1. re: Davwud

          Anyone from the Maritimes have an opinion as to how authentic the donairs are to the Halifax-style out east?

          1. re: jmeggs

            While tasty there are some differences from a traditional Halifax Donair.

            The meat itself is a little more peppery which I quite enjoyed
            It appeared to me that perhaps the meat was not cooked on the traditional vertical spit but perharps by a meatloaf style technique (purely an assumption based on personal homemade attempts) as they meat has a more crumbly texture rather than the long thin slices you would typically recieve out east.
            Pita is thinker than what you would normally recieve.
            Less sauce than the ladels that they drop on you at K.O.D. - a plus from my perspective
            Size wise the super is considerably smaller than even a large at KOD, they are a decent size for the average person but for someone used to the Halifax Donair they are smaller.
            Looking forward to giving the donair Pizza and Subs a go as I think the meat texture may work better there than the traditional pita wrap.

            All in all a very welcome addition to the east end.

          2. re: Davwud

            i agree Davwud, the sauce is not my cup of tea too sweet, maybe next time i will sneak in some tzatziki. they were however very busy

          3. I went for lunch today and had the Nova Scotian style, super sized. It was great. I felt guilty eating so much but it couldn't help myself. This was 3.5 years of pent up Donair craving being satisfied.

            I fell in love with donairs on my first trip to Halifax and I've been hoping a KOD or similar would open here. This is better than I hoped, a little indepenant restaurant with good subway/car access.

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            1. re: thedeltaskipper

              Very happy to hear that east-cost style donairs are finally available in Toronto itself, but I should mention that Milton and Burlington have had them for quite some time - and they're brilliant: http://www.halifaxdonairandpizza.com/. The owner's father was apparently one of the original KOD founders.

              1. re: hailing

                All well & good, but what if you live in the GTA and have just put away 29 cheap draft beers.
                For us this is Niirvana.

              2. I was there yesterday and the donair was very good, sauce is exactly like east coast sauce. The smoked trout hash was excellent, I loved every bite! Will definitely be back.

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                1. re: katbri

                  Smoked trout hash and blueberry slump, this place has non-donair potential. Also glad to see they can attract people from outside the hood, it can be tough for our local businesses to make it.

                  1. re: julesrules

                    Jules the fried pepperoni is reason enough.
                    I needs to try me the smoked trout hash now.


                    1. re: Davwud

                      Oh I'm sure but I can't go in just for that... Need to rationalize it as part of a "healthy" "meal" of some kind. Blueberries have antioxidants you know!

                2. Got a tweet saying they sold out by 7pm last night.


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                  1. re: Davwud

                    I went in again on Saturday at 5 pm and all tables were taken (not that they have many) and there was about 10 people in line. Staff seemed in over their heads but they just opened so that have to get into the groove of things, took close to 20 minute to get our 2 donairs. Delish!

                  2. Anyone eaten at Halifax Donair in Milton? I've been going there for years. That's my only donair experience pretty much so I'm wondering how it compares

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                    1. re: duckdown

                      I have, as well as at many donair shops in Halifax. I went to The Fuzz Box today - and it was delicious - I'd give a slight edge to Halifax Donair, but not by much. Both are worthy of the donair name.

                      1. re: hailing

                        Very cool, thanks for the info. I never get to the Danforth but was gonna say, it'd have to be something really special to take the crown from Halifax Donair in Milton. Those donairs are delicious

                    2. I went for lunch.
                      First, the owner (Neil) is such a nice guy. On that merit alone, I hope he succeeds.

                      I ordered the Nova Scotia donair and pondered the fried pepperoni. While I waited for the donair, Neil brought me some fried pepperoni to try. Hot damn, they were tasty. Like chips, but hot. And meaty!

                      I took my donair home so i could nerdily take a photo of it and pour myself a beer. The donair was very nice. It had a good level of spice to it, so be warned. I'd also suggest that those expecting it to be like shawarma may be very disappointed. The donair sauce plus the spice may be a strange combination for some people. its spicy, meaty and sweet at the same time. Not sure if that tickles your fancy, but i sure liked it.

                      Sarah's and The Only Cafe patrons must be laughing. The Fuzz Box makes a great snack for those evenings of consuming bevvies. I'd personally order the super size. No clue why one would order the small size. The regular made for a good small lunch, but if you're hungry? Supersize that bad boy.

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                      1. re: atomeyes

                        I didn't realize how paltry my review on here is of the donair. It packs a bit of a punch. It's not really hot but for those who are sensitive, like you said, be fore warned.
                        The meat is, other than the heat level, like a mild (meatloaf style) gyro. I loved the meat, wasn't all that crazy about the sauce. The balance out to equal, really like.


                        1. re: Davwud

                          I didn't find the meat hot at all, though it was nicely spiced. Sadly, it was also not very temperature hot - lukewarm at best - though I'm hoping it was just a mistake.

                          1. re: hailing

                            Which is why I said it's "Not really hot."


                        2. re: atomeyes

                          Great review. I've eaten many donairs over the years and always go for the biggest. I do'nt think I've ever ordered a small!

                          I can never wait to take one home though, will usually find a nearby perch and make a huge mess.

                        3. Just finished one! It was delish! The spicy hot and sweet oh my. I got a small and the fried pepperoni. I forced myself to only eat half so that i have some for when i get home tonight after partying. I hope they open late soon!

                          1. As was said in previous posts, any Maritimer (like myself) will definitely notice the donair meat is not right--crumbly, very different taste and texture. Sauce was pretty dead-on, though.

                            I haven't tried Halifax Donair in Milton, but in terms of the 416, this is as close as you're going to get to authentic east-coast donair, for now.

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                            1. re: jmeggs

                              Agree, the meat is not authentic, but still tasty. I got the biggest one and thought it was way too small though compared to what I would eat in Halifax or Calgary(they have good donairs)

                              1. re: jmeggs

                                The texture at Halifax Donair in Milton is definitely closer to what you get in the Maritimes.

                              2. Going on a road trip this coming weekend, and plan to hit both Pizza Delight and Greco Express (yes, they exist in Ontario!).... hopefully, one or the other will erase the disappointment of Fuzz Box

                                1. Tried it today. Had a regular donair pita. I never went to Halifax , so I cannot compare, however, it is a completely different animal than gyros or shawarma. The only Greek or middle-eastern thing about it is the bread. I really liked it, I enjoyed the contrast between the sweetness of the sauce and the spiciness of the meat. This being said it is really messy. I think next time I will try the sub. I will go again for sure, as it is delicious but I honestly prefer greek gyro as to me, yogurt rules. But that is me...

                                  1. forgot to mention some jerk took one of his guitars of the wall, danforth nut cases

                                    1. Finally made it here. I don't have much if any experience of Donair (I was pretty drunk that night in Halifax). I found it decent but tending a little sweet for me. I would order again but light on the sauce, extra onion - the bites with sharp onion were the best for me.
                                      The fryer items - pepperoni and poutine - were too greasy for me. He uses specific pepperoni from Halifax. It is definitely spicier than standard Toronto pepperoni.
                                      The desserts were quite good in a homey simple way. The blueberry grunt is basically a simple cake batter baked with wild blueberries (definitely not a commercial pie filling). Nice subtle spicing to it (maybe clove). The strawberry rhubarb pie didn't have amazing crust but the filling was good and not too sweet.
                                      The owner is completely sincere and sweet.

                                      1. Made it here not that long ago. Walking in is was kind of a WTF moment. The owner was a very nice guy and I enjoyed the Donair immensely. In fact I loved it! Donair poutinne was greasy, but strangely delicious. I will absolutely frequent this place when in the neighborhood.