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Apr 23, 2012 04:35 PM

Anything decent in Macon, Georgia?

A search didn't turn up much.

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  1. "Decent" flexible.
    H & H, southern soul food
    Nu-Way Weiners (chain hot dogs but it's something)
    Fish N' Pig....decent spot with nice water view with outdoor porch

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    1. re: rcburli

      I've eaten at Natalia's once, it was pretty good, maybe a hair better than Carrabas.

      Prime Palate just up the road in Forsyth for a nice southern buffet. One of the ladies there told me that they do a low country boil on Friday and Saturday night. Also have a limited menu with burgers and steak.

    2. Thanks for the recs guys.

      1. Natalia's is delicious. If you have some time, the thai food at Lemongrass is delicious. Sadly, every time we have eaten there it has taken forever to be served. Dining there would be wonderful if the service were better. For great, casual food and sports viewing, try Bearfoot Tavern. The best hamburger in Macon1