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Apr 23, 2012 03:27 PM

Wynn/Encore Dining?

Is there anywhere great for a solo dinner at the Wynn/Encore? I enjoy all cuisines, and rather like eating at a bar when I'm solo, although a table is fine. I'd probably prefer something other than Asian, in that we have wonderful Asian cuisine at home. Please also, something other than Bartolotta...they specialize in whole fish service and make it clear that they do not offer fish sized for the solo diner. Love something upscale and delicious! Where would you go?

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  1. try the pasta at bartolatta. better than the fish, in my view.

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      I can second this. We order the whole fish every time we go to Bartolotta just because it seems like "the thing to do", but the high point of our meal is almost always the antipasto and pasta courses. Note that the online menu for Bartolotta is oddly truncated - on all of our visits the "real" menu has included an extensive array of antipasti in addition to the pastas and main courses, but for some reason this is not included in the online version.

    2. The bar at Sinatra's is a great place for a solo dinner... I know the foodies aren't big on anything at Wynn/Encore - but the lasagna there is fantastic. Tough to call it "great", but I like it there.

      1. Really enjoy Country Club at the Wynn and the Jewish Deli is decent...they have great room service too.
        Make sure you get over to Lotus of Siam for lunch!

        1. I frequently dine solo in LV, and every restaurant that I've gone to through the years has made me feel very welcome as a solo diner. Pick the restaurants that you wish, and don't worry about dining solo. The only restaurant that has ever asked me if I would sit at the bar was Cafe Bellagio for breakfast; I declined, and they gave me a nice table for 4 with a view of the pool (just had to wait a few more minutes).

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            Totally agree...not only in Las Vegas, but throughout the US and in many Michelin starred restaurants around the world where I've dined solo while traveling on business. I've been trated well while dining alone almost without exception.

          2. We were just at the Wynn for 4 nights, and decided to try Sinatra for dinner one evening. There were two of us, so we chose to sit at a table...and we had a wonderful experience. Of course, this isn't Le Cirque or Joel Robuchon, but for a very comfortable and pleasant dinner, Sinatra was great. We had a nice table in a very attractive dining room. The service...for drink, food and wine was excellent. We had probably the best negroni cocktails we've ever had. The starters, pasta, and fish entrees were absolutely first-rate. Everything was terrific...and somehow very comfortable. This restaurant might not be the the most exciting dining experience on the strip, but it was very pleasant and certainly somewhere we'd happily return to.