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Apr 23, 2012 02:46 PM

Nico in Newark

I'm going to a concert at the NJ Performing Art Center and wonder if anyone has been to Nico, the new restaurant there. It's where the Theatre Square Grill used to be.

Good, bad, indifferent??

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  1. It might be important to note that on performance nights they don't offer the regular menu. Just a prix fixe.

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    1. re: tommy

      Yes, I saw that on the web site. Nico is apparently trying to be a destination restaurant but on performance nights, when everyone arrives for dinner at about the same time, prix fixe is probably the way to go for both them and the patrons.

      1. re: ambrose

        The website says "A value-priced, three-course, more traditional prix-fixe menu is also offered on performance nights and matinees." From what I found out, it's the *only* menu offered. Not "also." Thankfully I called first.

        You're right though, it's not a destination with this approach. How can they cut off potential customers who actually want to experience their menu on those performance nights? Boggles the mind.

    2. I have not had success with the service.

      1. Wanted to respond to Tommy's question, "How can they cut off potential customers who actually want to experience their menu on those performance nights?." I confirmed their policy w/their chef last night -- the small plates menu IS available on performance nights ... BUT beginning @ 8.01pm (as soon as the performance begins). He explained that on performance nights, they have 200 guests in-house who need to have their meals over by the start of the performance (of course). And they've found that the best way to do that is with the prix-fixe, 3 course option. But right after, anyone can come in and enjoy the new small plates menu. Full disclosure -- i work with the folks @ NICO. Hope this is helpful.


          A nice article from Sounds good. Hope to give it a try. Nothing about this place except this thread on chowhound.

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            There are several blog posts and yelp reviews coming back from a quick google search.

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              I meant this was the only thread on CH, my bad

          2. Do they still have happy hour on performance days? We were thinking of getting an app and a pizza at the bar a bit earlier rather than a 3 course meal as the reviews on the prix fixe were mixed at best