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Apr 23, 2012 02:39 PM

Savannah -- 4 dinners and 3 lunches

We're traveling to Savannah at the end of May and have four dinners and three lunches to fill. My wife and I are foodies, but will be joined by our friends for the last two days who enjoy good food, but are on more of a budget.

For the night we arrive, we're trying to decide between Local 11ten and Noble Fare. We are leaning toward the tasting menu at Noble Fare, but Local 11ten also sounds good. Which would you recommend? We are going to Elizabeth on 37th the next night and will likely have the tasting menu if that colors your recommendation. What else should we consider? We definitely want to try the best southern influenced cuisine in Savannah.

Considering Garibaldi's or the Olde Pink House for the night my friends arrive, but would appreciate other suggestions. Our friends are both originally from Augusta, but currently live in Chicago, so something highlighting southern cuisine would be great. Recommendations for basic down home southern food would also be great.

We'll likely try Mrs. Wilkes for lunch one day, but would love recommendations for the other days. We're planning a day trip to Hilton Head one afternoon, so a suggestion for lunch out there would be great.

Thanks so much. We're looking forward to exploring Savannah's cuisine.

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  1. I would recommend an oyster sandwich at Crystal Beer Parlor for lunch.

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      Thanks for the tip. Are places still serving local oysters after May 15th? I heard that's when the season closes for the summer.

      There is a Gullah place in HH -- roastfish and corn bread. Are you familiar with it? Is it any good for lunch?

      1. re: LAfoodexplorer

        There aren't any local oysters to my knowledge. Every time I've asked I've always been told the oysters were from Louisiana or Mississippi. I would think some places, some times, get Apalachicola oysters.

        I had a dozen raw at Garibaldi this past weekend that were as good as any I've ever had.
        I eat oysters year around, whenever I can get them.

        1. re: kengk

          That's great because I love them too. Thanks.

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          If you look at the top right corner of this page, you will see a search box. This will allow you to search for previous postings on Savannah, Hilton Head, etc. For example, here is a previous post on Hilton Head that discusses Roast Fish and cornbread:

      2. Noble Fare followed by E's on 37th are a great one-two punch. It's a little hard to choose between OPH and Garibaldi's for night 3, but maybe Garibaldi's? If that leaves you needing to fill night 4, OPH. Assuming you can't get in any of the first three, alternates I'd reco would be Cha Bella on E. Broad Street at Broughton, or Local 11Ten, but you should also consider AJ's or Sundae Cafe at Tybee Island (Savannah's beach - but don;t dare call it Savannah Beach, LOL!).

        Ken's reco of Crystal Beer Parlor is a good one. I'm partial to their shrimp salad sammiches, and they have pretty good onion rings, if you swing that way. Really, their whole menu is very decent. Another good lunch opportunity would be Vic's on the River. The Distillery is a place I tried recently that seemed to have very good lunch food (burgers, reubens, etc.) and an excellent selection of craft brews. Hilton Head, there's gotta be good places over there, but (some? many?? most???) Savannans tend to stay away as the traffic is usually horrid.