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Apr 23, 2012 02:29 PM

Soy Sauce in Vancouver

I put soy sauce on everything. Sometimes I will just pour it on toast. Therefore, I must have good soy sauce with me at all times. I'm moving from California to Vancouver, and welcome all soy sauce recommendations.

I sometimes use the Pearl River brand of soy sauce that one can pretty much find in any asian grocery store, mostly out of convenience, but my favorite so far is actually the Ohsawa brand of nama shoyu, which almost no places carry, and which I'd like to know if any place in Vancouver sells. Both brands are great tasting: salty, saucy, tangy and kind of burns if you sip it straight on, and most importantly, not sweet, like Taiwan black soybean brands (probably because of the added sugar).

I really have no preference whether it's tamari, shoyu, organic, gluten-free, whatever. Just none of the fake "soy sauce" crap like ones with MSG or made from coconuts, fruits, or deconstructed vegetable protein dead animals herbal well, you know.

Bonus if the soy sauce is unpasteurized/ nama shoyu.

Super bonus if it is hand made by some traveling hermit that makes only soy sauce to spread to the coastal lands of B.C.

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  1. Fujiya comes to mind first for me, but there are obviously other sources of soy sauce varietals .......

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      Thanks, I'll be checking out some stores around town and add Fujiya to the list.

    2. I was in the H-Mart downtown today and soy sauce was on my list. I didn't see the Ohsawa brand. The only nama I saw was made by Kikkoman - the label read "shiboritate 'nama' soy sauce" and was $6.99 for a 500mL pouch package. I bought Yamasa less salt soy sauce - "water, soybeans, wheat, salt, alcohol, bacteria and yeast cultures" are on the ingredient label. H-Mart carries Yamasa's organic soy also.

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        Check out Rice world and Sunrise market (across the street) as well

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          The Amano brand soya is locally made in Richmond - or at least their regular soya and organic tamari are, while the wheat-free tamari is imported from Japan. I've seen that brand at Meinhardt's.

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            Sunrise market as well and would be away cheaper as well

        2. I was in Konbiniya, and remembering this post, checked out the soy sauce section. All the usual suspects were there but some bottles that were wrapped in paper, all written in Japanese. These were in the $13.00 range and at least, looked the part of what you are asking for.

          The staff is vey helpful there.