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Sick food

DBF out of town and my first time watching his kids alone and they are sick with sore throats to boot. I had planned for us to make stuffed shells but I think I should ax the idea. What are your favorite sick-foods, cook or no cook? Thanks! I'm not accustomed to taking care of sick kids. People, really.

ETA: "kids" are 13 and 18. The 13 yo is more just allergied up but her brother is quite ill with strep. He is normally completely self-sufficient but I'm driving him around, etc. He hasn't eaten anything and I'm not sure if I should try to get him to do something, even if it's just broth, or leave him alone.

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  1. How old? When I was a kid, no matter the age, I love scrambled eggs with buttered toast. And a good chicken noodle soup with lots of noodles always hit the spot for me. Nowadays I love hot & sour soup best. Ice cream or Jello for dessert?

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      13, 18. But when they are sick and dependent they seem so much younger :)

    2. scrambled eggs...toast with butter and jelly...cheesey grits...mac and cheese...chicken rice soup...ice cream...applesauce...

      1. How sick are the kids and how old?

        What to feed them depends upon how sick they are.

        Stuffed shells sound fine.
        The old fallback is soup and a sandwich.

        1. They're old enough to ask them what sounds good (and if they want something.) You will have much better luck getting them to eat if its something they actually want.

          1. Milk shakes. Being sick is a great excuse for a liquid junk food.

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              +1 on the milkshakes. That's just the sore-throat ticket

            2. My sons are fully grown and long out of the house. That said, when they were younger and ill, especially with Strep throat, they craved smooth cold and easy to swallow; nothing too acidic nor "chewy" foods. Icy fruit smoothies (strawberries, banana, raspberry syrup) refrigerated applesauce, 7-Up and the afore-mentioned milkshakes were all a good vehicle for getting fluids into them which answers your question: "I'm not sure if I should try to get him to do something, even if it's just broth, or leave him alone"

              With Strep, the 18 year old is likely on antibiotics. Perhaps his physician could also offer some suggestions.

              1. Jello, ice cream, buttered toast, saltines, Ginger ale, mashed potatoes, campbells chicken noodle

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                  Glad you mentioned jello. It is unfashionable now but in my experience it is sometimes the only thing a sick child will eat and it does get liquid and a few calories into him or her. Red seems to be the preferred color. Just try not to think about chemical dyes. Your priority now is hydrating a sick child.

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                    Use Knox unflavored and fruit juice ( like grape) and avoid the dyes and added sugar. We always had orange jello when sick.

                2. Soup, plain pasta, hot chocolate, grilled cheese

                  1. Pho. Hands down the best sick food there is. Best consumed in situ but take out suffices if the little rascals are really immobile. Plenty of sriracha to produce healing vapors, of course.

                    1. Soup, soup, soup. If they are stuffed up, cheese/dairy can add to the stuffiness. Campbell's chicken noodle is familiar and comforting...if they're adventurous, order to the deli for matzoh ball soup or Chinese take out hot and sour soup.

                      And lots of popsicles. :-)

                      1. My mom made us Mrs Grass Chicken Noodle soup growing up when we were sick. Good stuff!

                        1. Oh man, strep is the worst. I couldn't swallow, let alone eat. Whatever liquid food they're into would be great to get into them.
                          I also drank a lot of ginger ale.

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                            I would also have naseua with strep so Ginger ale wasthe way to go. Plus water hurt going down as a kid.

                          2. The thing about sick food is it has to be something the patient likes. A kid really sick with strep may have little or no appetite and you don't want to force matters and have him throw it up. He should drink. Think wet, think cold. He might like popsicles, cold juice or even Kool-Aid. Take your cues from him. And forget the stuffed shells, I would guess. Just ask him---"What sounds good to you?".

                            1. grilled cheese (american cheese!), campbell's tomato soup, ginger ale. chesse itz. that's still what i want my mom to fix me when i'm sick (30y/o!)

                              1. Thank you all for your recommendations. I will have to keep them in mind. The 18 yo is pretty sick. He won't eat a thing. Tomorrow I will try to coax him into popcicles, jello, or broth at the very least. The girl is more just generally not feeling great so I did proceed with the shells and she enjoyed. But she was much more excited about making a milkshake for her sore throat. I'm not sick but may have to pencil in a pho lunch tomorrow anyway. Any excuse for pho! Thanks for the recommendations!

                                1. Never can go wrong with chicken soup. It is the great healer. A little hot tea with honey and lemon for those sore throats and echinacea for infection. Don't forget gargling with warm salt water. Warm stuff makes a sore throat feel better for longer.

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                                    +1 on the hot tea with honey and lemon. My Mom used to make hot lemonade with honey for me when I had tonsilitis - just hot water, the juice of a lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Also chicken soup with saltines if he can tolerate them. Popsicles, ice cream (nothing crunchy), sorbet. Anything that he says feels soothing to his throat.

                                  2. Ice cream and (even better!) sherbert are classics for a sore throat. If you live in an area with good Chinese food available, I always go for hot & sour soup when I have a sore throat, a cough or a chest cold. Homemade chicken soup with wide egg noodles and tons of carrots will also work.