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Apr 23, 2012 02:01 PM

Bobwhite Lunch vs. The Cardinal ?

Hi. I'm having a fried chicken craving and contemplating these two relative newbies in the East Village. Can anyone offer opinions on both?

Also, is one preferable for dinner (does one have booze and the other doesn't?)

Thanks for any opinions.

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  1. The fried chicken at the cardinal was juicy and well seasoned, and the batter was light and tasty. The sides were also good, the mac and cheese was definitely the standout; cheddar and black pepper with crusty edges.

    That being said, I would choose Bobwhite over the Cardinal again and again. I enjoyed the chicken more, the beer more (they had at least 4 on draught vs. the Cardinal's one- Radeberger), the big, fluffy biscuits were fantastic, the service was 100x better; and it is WAY WAY better priced. I can't wait to go back and do it all again... next time I'll get dessert!

    Just go to Bobwhite- the place is awesome.

    1. The Cardinal is overpriced, the service only adequate (the one time I went, they made us wait 45 minutes for a table despite a HUGE downstairs section for group events that was going WHOLLY unused), and the fried chicken decent (the only real reason to go there, if you ask me, is the pimiento cheese).

      Went to Bobwhite last week - virtually empty, extremely cheery staff, better beer selection, and better fried chicken (mac and cheese left a lot to be desired, with...not much cheese). I'd recommend it over the Cardinal, definitely.

      HOWEVER, there can be no debate about E Village fried chicken - The Redhead makes the best, hands down.

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        Really? The Cardinal is one of the most reasonably priced sit down places in the east village, its a better value than the Redhead. I never had a wait because I go on weeknights or I use opentable for weekends. Their fried chicken is just okay, I found it a bit under seasoned but well cooked and juicy, I think their BBQ and their pies is their strong suit.

        The Redhead is good, but the last 2 times I went my breast came out medium rare.
        Backforty makes pretty good fried chicken as well.
        Korzohaus is doing fried chicken on Wednesdays now.
        My favorite is still Blue Ribbon\Brooklyn Bowl or Totto(not the same type of fried chicken)

        1. re: Ricky

          Regarding the Cardinal being overpriced- the chicken and sides are totally reasonable, but add on some $25 pitchers and $14 hushpuppies and you end up with a bill that is quite a bit more than expected!

          I've got Redhead on my list for our next chicken outing, can't wait!

      2. The fried chicken at Bobwhite is much better. No contest.

        1. I have to agree, Bobwhite wins this, hands down. They have great sides (get the tomato bread pudding if they have it), the chicken is great, the pork chop sandwich is great, the prices are good, they are super nice and I get an authentic southern feeling from them, vs people trying to be southern but actually coming off as LES/Brooklyn. (I'm not saying the folks at Cardinal may not have southern credentials, but this is the general vibe I get. I'm from Georgia. I think the Bobwhite guy is from Virginia? Anyway, he gets it. There are so many fake southern places in this town that its refreshing to find someplace like this.)

          Cardinal did also feel overpriced for what it was. It wasn't bad - it was fine. But I don't go running back for fine (and I live on 4th st). Service was indeed a little slow, and they WERE OUT OF PIE. Do not tell a southern girl you have pie when you don't. MEAN. (This was at like 6pm.)

          Re: The Redhead, their chicken is so spot on. First time I had it, I thought my mom was back in the kitchen, it tasted exactly the same. (To be fair, the last time I had it, it was not as good. Could have been an off night.) And I adore their shrimp and grits - it is perhaps the best rendition I have ever had. I order that for myself, and tell everyone else to get the chicken. However, it is definitely more expensive than Bobwhite and a whole helluva lot more trouble. Long waits, cramped tables, and you're dining in what feels like a rec room.

          Definitely give Bobwhite a try!!