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Apr 23, 2012 01:51 PM

Tasting Toronto Burgers - during 5-hour transit

A relative will be in Toronto from about 1:00 - 6:00 pm. He would like to taste good Toronto burgers not from frozen patties. Charcoal grill is preferable but griddles is accepted.

Reading various threads it appears burgers made of fresh ground beef/mix are mostly downtown. I'm not comfortable driving downtown and am concern of the rush hour traffic heading to Pearson to catch his next flight.

Please recommend places with the boundaries Pearson to Victoria Park and Major MacKenzie. Thanks.

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  1. If you're interested in the latest uber-popular and "hip" burger joint using freshly ground meat on a griddle, The Burger's Priest is only 2 minutes off of the 401 down Yonge St. And you could walk down another couple of blocks to compare it to the griddled burger at Stack -- they also use beef that is ground fresh daily.

    Or, if you want to stay REALLY close to the airport, there's always Zet's on Airport Road. I've never had their burgers, but I think they have a home burger that is made with fresh ground beef, not frozen patties (I can't be absolutely sure of that, though).

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      They have a homeburger that they say is fresh ground, but I don't know how often it is ground. They also won't cook it pink in the middle. Its not bad if you are in the area but its not that great.

      As stated, it would be safe to go to burger's priest / Holy Chuck / Stack...all 3 are not too far apart from each other (yonge/st. clair to yonge/davisville). But I think they are all similar styles of burgers. Depending on when exactly he has to be back to the airport, I would swing down to burger's priest and get it to go, scarf it down in the car while hauling ass to Warden/Eglinton to Goody's diner. You get two very different types of burgers.

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        I'll second Zet's. It's a sentimental favourite for me as I grew up in the area. Nothing like sitting on their picnic tables and watching the planes pass right over your head. They've never disappointed me over the years.

      2. Take him to Magoo's on Dundas St W, just East of Royal York Rd.
        It would be about a 15-20 mins drive from Pearson.

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          For char-grilled burgers I recommend Burger Shack..Eglinton & Avenue Rd

            1. re: petek

              Burger Shack is at SE corner of Eglinton & Oriole Parkway.

              1. re: mstestzzz002

                <Burger Shack is at SE corner of Eglinton & Oriole Parkway>

                You are correct,apologies...

          1. I don't see a southern boundary - so I'll assume harbourfront (though I won't go that far).

            Don't attempt this on Sunday - Holy Chuck and Burger's Priest are closed on Sundays. Stockyards is closed for part of Sunday.

            Start at The Stockyards (St.Clair W. just west of Christie)
            Head east to Yonge St and four stores down on the west side is Holy Chuck Burgers.
            Head up Yonge, turn west on Eglinton, go three lights to Oriole Parkway - Burger Shack - order the homeburger.

            [ Begin optional part


            Head east to Yonge,

            [Begin really optional part]
            McDonald's, Burger King, and Harvey's are within two blocks of Yonge & Eglinton.

            There used to be a Wendy's @ Yonge and St.Clair, but it closed recently...

            [End really optional part]

            Head up Yonge to Broadway Ave to South Street Burger.
            Walk up Yonge about one-half block to Gourmet Burger Company.
            Head up Yonge past Lawrence Ave to Stack.

            [ End optional part


            Head up Yonge to The Burger's Priest.

            1. I would suggest the following 4 places. Start at Burgers Priest at Yonge and York Mills. Then off to Goody's at Warden and Eglinton. From there head to Yonge and St. Clair for Holy Chuck (Make sure to get a shake) and then to Eglinton and Oriole Pkwy for Burger Shack. Smashed, grilled, smashed, grilled. Probably a good mix there.

              If you have time, hit Zet out by the airport as a last stop.


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              1. re: Davwud

                Warden is east of VicPark - beyond the requested eastern boundary.

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                  Meh, its doable. And its worth it. IMO as I posted earlier, I think you can do Priest / and Goody's and thats it. Traffic in this city is a nightmare.

                  1. re: szw

                    <I think you can do Priest / and Goody's and thats it. Traffic in this city is a nightmare.>

                    Or Priest North/Chucks and The Shack smash griddle vs char grilled

                2. Here is an option if you end up short on time and only able to try one:

                  Woody's Burgers


                  It's about 10 minutes form the airport. Take the 427 south to the end and get off at Browns Line. Take Browns Line to end and turn left on Lakeshore Blvd and make your first or second right. Woodys is right at the corner.

                  Great woodfired burgers.