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Apr 23, 2012 01:43 PM

Cape Verdean/Portuguese Food

Wanted to make a tentative recommendation for a place with good CV/Portuguese food. Why a tentative recommendation? Well, you know how folks go ape-$hit for "authentic" ethnic cuisine but by the time those places typically make it to boards like these to get recommended, one actually goes to eat there and those places are no longer patronized by folks for whom this is native cuisine? (I am thinking El Rancho Grande and Los Andes). And then there is another level of "authentic" where the ambience is nil and most likely nobody not from that ethnicity/country has ever stepped foot in the joint?

Sorry for the circuitous intro, but I did want to mention Churrasqueria on Broadway in Pawtucket though it falls in the latter category. The waitresses speak little English, the bar is full of drunk Cape Verdean men, and the decorations are lacking.....but our meal there was delicious!

I do recommend visiting for the food, though the place might be a little intimidating!

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  1. Thanks for the pointer.

    However, I will have to disagree with your grouping of Rancho and Andes. I've been going to Los Andes on and off since about a week after they opened, when there were like 3 people in the place, and I've always been pleased. Yes, the demographics have changed somewhat, but the food has remained good.

    El Rancho Grande, on the other hand, has been overrated all along. I'm no Mexican food expert, but I've never had a good meal there, and I doubt that Sysco "mixed vegetables" from a can represent authentic anything. Yes, it's overrun with college kids and West Side hipsters, but the food sucks uniformly. I put it in the category of Wes', a place that I'd have to be way drunker than I've been in decades to think of visiting again.

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      Gin n are right! I was trying to say that the demographic is similar, but I left out the important point about the quality of the food. I found Los Andes delicious.

      I too dislike El Rancho Grande and I am very well-versed in Mexican food!. But people act like I've slapped their mother when I counter their opinion that this place is ah-may-ZING.