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Apr 23, 2012 01:38 PM

ISO Inexpensive Dishes Rentals in GTA

We'd like to rent dishes for a reception after classes graduation ceremonies and have limited budget.
We will rent dessert plates and forks only (for serving cakes). If budget allowswe may also rent juice glasses. Nothing fancy - we just wish not to use disposables. Estimate guest # is 500. Looking at online quote, at 30cents a piece for each plate & fork will cost us $300.
Please recommend companies in GTA. Thanks

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  1. Exclusive Rentals or Harolds Tableware

    1. I have always found Chair-Man Mills to be reasonable.

      1. I've done many many events with rentals and $0.30 for both a fork and a plate is a great deal. You will be really hard pressed to find a better quote.

        Exclusive is my go-to but will be more costly.

        Higgin's is my second they are slightly cheaper but I don't think that even they could match the price you've found.

        1. FWIW, Action Party Rentals in Mississuaga (Mavis & Burnhamthorpe) had better prices than Harolds when we last hosted a large party & we'd use them again.

          1. Pickup to avoid delivery charge.
            Alligator Party Rental.