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Apr 23, 2012 01:20 PM

chowin' from Manchester, NH to Norwich, VT

Hello my New England chow peeps, I am road-trippin' from the airport in Manchester to Norwich, VT & back this coming weekend. Can y'all help out a southern girl on her inaugural trip to the area? (headed to King Arthur to take a baking class & staying at the Norwich Inn) Have searched the board, but have only uncovered a handful of spots. Surely a college town like Hanover has good food, n'est-ce-pas? Thx in advance.

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  1. There's a good Korean restaurant, Yama, in West Lebanon (also a branch in Hanover). You might want to explore the Food Coop. Follow the directions to Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital. The Coop is a shopping plaza on the opposite side of the hwy from where you turn for the hospital. So heading east, you would turn right for the coop instead of left for the hospital. Good selection of local cheeses.

    Starting in Manchester, if you need Asian ingredients, Saigon Asia is a pretty good supermarket. There are also some small ethnic groceries in Manchester but I haven't explored them. Perhaps someone else can advise.
    You can make a slight detour to Concord but staying on I93 instead of making the turn for I89. You can get homemade ice cream at both Arnie's on Loudon Rd and in the downtown area, Granite State Candy. If it's lunch time, I would opt for In a Pinch Cafe for their home made soup, sandwiches and/or salad. Great European style bakery on S Main St is Bread and Chocolate. Across the street is the Concord Food Coop. Great place to buy bulk herbs and spices (they provide the plastic bags) and grains. Also pick up a copy of Hippo Press (there's a free news box just north of Gibson's Book Store/Bread and Chocolate) which contains info about wine tastings, food events, restaurants, etc. It covers mostly Concord, Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth.

    Don't forget, wine and hard liquor is sold at NH State Liquor stores and may be a lot cheaper than at home.

    If you go to downtown Concord area, from Main St you can go west on Pleasant St and when you get to the hospital, turn left onto Langley Parkway then right onto Clinton St and you can get on I89 there.

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      I'll second Yama, both locations (West Lebanon and Hanover) have great food.

      If you're in Norwich, consider checking out the Norwich Inn, and if you are into beer, their brewpub (Jasper Murdock's) is quite good as well.

      If you are looking for a breakfast or lunch, I highly recommend Tuckerbox in White River Junction, VT.

      Once you get past the Concord turnoff, however, there's very little until you hit Lebanon, NH.

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        Thanks for the recs....looking forward to the brewpub especially.

    2. As others have mentioned, there is not much driving up I-89 between Concord and Lebanon. Manchester is an old mill town that has been making a comeback in the past few years, and now has several good places to eat. However, the Hanover/Norwich area is much more scenic and 'picture postcard' New England. Lots of good places to eat in the Norwich/Hanover/Lebanon area:
      I will second Yama - the Hanover location has a hip urban vibe. Also in Hanover : Canoe Club preppy upscale pub/restaurant with live music. Mollys - pizza & pub food, comfortable place. In downtown Lebanon (15 minutes from Norwich) are two fun places right on the green: Three Tomatoes Trattoria, and the Salt Hill Pub. Three Tomaoes also has a hip urban vibe, and some very well prepared Italian foods. Salt Hill is an Irish pub with typical pub food, lots of beers, and an Irish jam session on Tuesday evenings.

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        I made it to Yama, where I had decent to good Korean food, as well as the Norwich Inn for pub fare and tasty beer. Dan & Whit's in Norwich was a hoot, too: lots of local products from cheese to chocolates to baked goods (yes, I had a whoopie pie).

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          Glad you found Dan & Whit's. We had to visit last year. DH's father used to deliver apples there. I bought some Carhartt socks for my DIL. Whoopie pie taste tests are the #3 reason to visit New England after lobster and clams. Although homemade ice cream is up there.

      2. I agree with Yama in Lebanon. Definitely try to get there, especially for lunch. South of Norwich you should make it to Harpoon Brewery in Windsor a couple of exits down on 91. Great ale and a fun pub atmosphere. If you are going through Concord check out Spoon Revolution on South Main Street. Top notch vegan food. Great for lunch. In Manchester you may like KC Rib Shack. Best BBQ in New England. As a southern girl, you may enjoy the Puritan Back Room. A classic. If you want local....Red Arrrow diner for fries.

        1. a baker, you should visit Breda and Chocolate on South Main Street in concord, near Spoon Revolution

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            I didn't manage to see Concord at all....but this corner of New England seems to have quite a bit of tasty food. Making notes for a return visit...