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Apr 23, 2012 12:56 PM

Any place for good soup dumplings (Xiaolongbao) in Las Vegas?

I love soup dumplings and was wondering if there are any places that are worth visiting to satisfy the urge while in Vegas? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    1. I actually asked this question a while ago. China Mama is fine for Las Vegas. The soup dumplings at Bejing Noodle #9 in Caesars are really good but very expensive for what they are. 6 for $12.99. About double what they normally are. Here's a link:

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        Funny thing is that the chef that is now at Beijing Noodle #9 was the chef at China Mama. They have gotten better since his arrival but still think China Mama has better XLB.

      2. The new #1 - Three Villages in the Shun Fat Market Shopping Center. 5115 Spring Mountain Road, #208. It's upstairs and the entrance is on the side so it's easy to miss. This was the original Champion Food location.

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              Let's add another shout-out to Three Villages, and not just because of the dumpling quality. Most importantly the dumplings are legit, with just enough "chew" to make them relatively easy to handle (have not had one fall apart yet). But the price point makes this place even more special. If you go to the back page of the menu there are a variety of combos that come with eight dumplings, and an entree sized bowl of soup, for $7.95. Pictured below is their Hot and Sour, but also available as part of the deal are several noodle soups. There are some other dishes on the menu that are tempting, but the combo deal has to rate as one of the best dining bargains in all of Las Vegas.

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                One more for 3 villages. However, wear old clothes, as the ventilation there is terrible and your clothes will smell like you were behind the wok cooking. the combo's are my favorite too.