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Apr 30, 2003 09:29 PM

Rte 101 Bay to Atascadero

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Runnin down to Atascadero this Friday AM, take care of a small thing, then back to The Bay Friday night. Any recs along the way or in Atascadero? If not I will just have to eat at the Black Bear going down and El Pollo Loco coming back ;-) Hell-o-o-O-O Salinas!

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    Melanie Wong

    I've linked my recent post on King City below, Shep. And, here's some advice I rec'd from a friend. Coincidentally, Gutierrez is my parents' favorite in Salinas.

    "The place I went to most often myself in Salinas
    was Gutierrez and Rico Drive-In. I used to love their camarones al mojo de ajo
    and their camarones a la diabla.

    In Gonzalez I like La Playa Azul and El Rinconcito. In Soledad there's Cuatro Hermanos, La
    Fuente and Casa Teresa. In Greenfield I love the homemade tortillas at La
    Fogata. And in King City there's an offshoot of the Cuatro Hermanos there
    that's even better, but now I can't remember the name. It's on the north side
    of Broadway about a block west of 1st St.

    Also in Soledad and Gonzalez there are 2 bakeries called La Plaza that make
    excellent tortas on wonderful rolls called bollillos (I think that's how
    they're spelled). My favorite was the carnitas torta. It's just carnitas,
    jalapenos, sour cream and onions on that very fresh roll. Mmmmm! I'd get them
    for lunch, but actually eat them on my 20 minute ride at 8 or 9
    in the morning. I couldn't resist the smell."


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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      For mariscos (Mexican seafood) try a simple restuarant on the east end of Broadway, in King City, El Lugarcito. (literally, the little place or Hole-in-the-WalI. I believe this is the same family who also have a rest. in Hollister just before you get into town.) The shrimp tostadas are very simple-crisp corn tortillas, shredded iceberg, and sweet, fresh-cooked shrimp dressed with a slightly sweet, lime vinegar & oil. Have also had their whole fried fish, crispy, not geasy and very tender- not overcooked. Also good, their Siete Mares (7 Seas soup). Their roasted tomatillo/green chili house salsa is so good, we get a large soda cup to go on our road trips. Also a good taco stand kitty corner but don't know the name. They have my favorite--lengua--which some taquerias don't have. great tortas.
      Also endorse Guiterrez Y Rico in Salinas (look for the PG&E power substation and the old Catholic church belltower--you can see them from the freeway to the west.) Hectic, noisy (chop chop bam bam)and lots of little kids running around but good cheap food.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        we stopped at Plaza Azul in Gonzalez last week--had a very nice experience. that was on our way south from SF to SLO; coming home, we went looking in Soledad for 4 Hermanos--and found it closed, and evidently closed for quite some time (peeling paint, etc.).

      2. I really liked McPhee's Grill in Templeton... Went there a couple weeks ago and I was impressed with the food.

        You can also head over the grade if you want and head into San Luis. Lot's of choices there.

        1. Sorry you have to go to Atascadero! In Atascadero, there is a new New York-style deli called Stein's (El Camino Real, in the complex that houses the Hallmark store and the Radio Shack. It's right in the middle of town) that is supposed to be good. The sandwiches are supposedly enormous. I have only sampled a few bagels there.

          Also in Atascadero is a bakery called Hush Harbor Artisan Bakery (also on El Camino Real, closer to the north end of town). Their sweets look a bit overbaked, but their bread is very good. They have sandwiches as well, and I have heard good things about them.

          One more place in Atascadero is Thairrific. Good lunch specials.

          For coffee, try Jo Roc Java in the KMart complex at the north end of Atascadero.

          Heading north to Templeton, I think Big Momma's has excellent sandwiches. I've had the grilled chicken and the pulled pork, and both were great. I think it's tastier than McPhee's.

          Further north to Paso Robles, you have many choices. For Mexican, Papi's and Cuatro Hermanos are both outstanding. The French restaurant Paris is very tasty, and their lunch menu is pretty extensive. For Italian, there's Buona Tavola (also one in SLO) and Alloro (though I didn't think Alloro was all that great). There's even a Japanese restaurant, Goshi's (owned by the people who own Tsurugi's in SLO).

          So there's a smattering. If you would like directions or more info, just let me know!

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          1. re: Mariko

            Stein's has been gone for a few years, same with Big Momma's, Paris and Alloro. Thairrific in A-town's okay, but not as good as SLO. The place to try in Atascadero is LeBoef's (sp?) on El Camino 2 doors down from Hush Harbor. They have the BEST barbeque in the county, (see other recent posts).

            BTW, I have to give my two thumbs up for Gutierrez in Salinas as well! have a great trip!