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Apr 30, 2003 08:58 PM

Good places to eat in Sacramento?

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Any good places to eat in Sacramento and east up highway 80?
I know a few of them I was just wondering if there are any that I might have missed.
Doesn't matter what kind I like lots of different types of food.
Here are few local places that I like;
Venita Rhea's in Rocklin (Great breakfast food)
Pacific Street Café in Roseville (another great breakfast place)
Mongolian Bar-B-Que in Rocklin (Good Mongolian BBQ)

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  1. There are a few good places to eat in Sacto. What time of day are you traveling and what sort of food do you like? What is your budget? Are you interested in places in Sacramento metro area itself or just the burbs like Rocklin and Roseville?

    1. Roseville: Fats Asian bistro and Dim Sum...Piatti, Mikuni both at the Theatres on Rvlle parkway. Granite Bay: Granitos garlic Restaurant (Auburn Folsom and Douglas).Loomis: Horseshoe bar and Grill (fantastic food, pretty expensive) at Horseshoe Bar and Taylor rd. Brookfields (by the water park)is pretty good for an upscale coffee place. Auburn: Lou la Bonte's and Ikeda Fruit stand (great burgers) at the Foresthill exit. There is pretty good hot dog place (Parker's) on Douglas at Sunrise. Also try the Tacos at Lorries Little Shack By The Railroad Track on taylor Rd in Rocklin. Hope that helps.

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        Redrum (formerly Murder) burger, Rockland, College Blvd exit, close to Sierra College.

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          Redrum (formerly Murder burger) is in Rocklin, Sierra College exit off I 80. They also have the famous Ostrich burger! Low fat, excellent burger. Also one in Davis and in the Folsom Hotel in Folsom.

      2. Zinfandel Grill has replaced Suzanne's which was in the Rocklin Plaza Hotel right off 80 in Rocklin.

        1. I've been discovering lots lately, living in the sticks outside of Sac. Some fun ones: Marrakesh Restaurant, Dos Coyotes (great, fresh Mexican w/housemade salsa bar - one in Davis, too), don't forget Biba for a treat, and of course shopping at Corti Bros is a great experience...

          Were you looking for anything more specific?