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Apr 23, 2012 11:33 AM

Food for 16 people by Trafalgar Square or the Globe theater

I'm traveling with 16 college students and looking for a place for dinner where we can all be seated, either somewhere around Trafalgar Square or around the Globe Theatre area.
We're looking for cheapish, but I was hoping to avoid Pizza express. Are there any interesting options? I don't really mind a chain if it's pretty good food.

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  1. Not eaten there nor do I know if it meets your definition of cheapish but have you looked at the Swan restaurant actually at the Globe?

    1. The Tate Modern has some nice restaurants. From what I remember, there's a large one with lots of seating on the main floor. I don't think it's too pricey, and it's not far from the Globe.

      1. There's a Leon behind the Globe in the Bluefin building, which would be great for college students - not sure how big it is, though. Alternatively, one of the Tas restaurants is close by. They're a small chain of Turkish restaurants, and the food is pretty good and hearty. Well, it used to be - haven't been for a number of years. But it's really convenient for the Globe.

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          The Swan at the Globe is very good, but not really that cheap, although they do sometimes have some quite good deals on for lunch. Tas is a good option, directly across the road - if you are attending a performance at the Globe they do a good pre-theatre dinner and ensure you are done in time for the show.

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            I've just checked Leon out, and that looks great. I haven't been to London for a few years, and I'd love any more suggestions of places like that--good cheap food that a group of 16 can eat at. I used to take the students to Wagamama's years ago, but I haven't kept up on these kind of places in London. Most of these students have never traveled outside the US before so I'd love to introduce them to some ethnic places as well. Even if it's a chain semi-ethnic kind of place that would be a first step for a lot of them.