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Apr 23, 2012 10:35 AM

Romantic/Dressy BYO Philadelphia - Birthday Dinner

So my GF's 34th birthday is coming up. We will be heading to Philadelphia for dinner then over to the Revolution House afterwards to meet up with friends for Birthday drinks.

She will be in a dress and me in a jacket. We really like BYO's so can anyone recommend some spots in Philly that are more romantic and dressy? A lot of places I have been to that were BYO were more casual.

We liked places like Koo Ze Doo.

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  1. Caffe Costa Diva is more classy than a lot of the other BYOBs:

    1. my vote goes to matyson. quick cab ride down from rittenhouse to old city (thats where the revolution house is, right?)

      bibou is also amazing- depending on when you're coming, you may be able to snag a reservation?

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      1. re: InSearchOfTacos

        I would second Matyson, with a condition- if and only if you get the tasting menu. I think that is when Matyson shines. And it makes it easier to select beverages because you know the menu ahead of time.

        1. re: cwdonald

          matyson's tasting menu is only available M-Th, so if you are going on saturday, then you're out of luck.

        2. re: InSearchOfTacos

          Yea Bibou is booked that Sat.

          Some others I looked at were Alma De Cuba, or XIX because of the decor but they werent byo.

          How about from that standpoint. Any non byo suggestions

            1. re: Philly Ray

              MAybe like $100 to 110 without tip

              Thanks why i was looking byob.

              We are grabbing drinks afterwards.

              1. re: jschl

                ok so no matyson- maybe farm and the fisherman or russet? both serve american food with locally-sourced ingredients. the menus change often.

                another byob option is modo mio- i have not been (regrettably) but several folks on this board love it. i cant comment on how romantic it is.

                no byobs that are especially romantic come to mind- vedge (in the old deux cheminees space) is gorgeous- take a look at the menu and see if it interests you. i think you can get out of there at $50pp

                1. re: InSearchOfTacos

                  Modo Mio is great but not what most people would consider "romantic", it's pretty loud and cramped.

                  To the OP, when you say "we are grabbing drinks afterwards" does that mean you don't intend to drink (or drink much) with dinner?

                  1. re: Buckethead

                    We will drink with dinner, just not like 10 drinks each as we are heading to to meet for drinks with friends later.

                    I might actually just do something like Alma De Cuba or Cuba Libre. She loves to dance

                  2. re: InSearchOfTacos

                    Vedge looked good.

                    Its booked on the 5th though :(

                    1. re: jschl

                      sad that it's booked!

                      cuba libre is a fun spot if she likes dancing- the ambiance is lovely and it's close to where you're headed afterwards.

                      amada is another option- also in old city- i strongly prefer it over cuba libre. spanish tapas- excellent food and romantic atmosphere

                      1. re: InSearchOfTacos

                        We actually ate there a few weeks back. Very good and we loved it.

                        How is Positano Coast I think its called. Looks really nice and has lounge area for drinks, etc.

                        1. re: jschl

                          i think the food is hit or miss, but it's a beautiful spot and the drinks are delicious

                          if someone took me here, id be pretty happy- id just make sure to eat beforehand :)

                    2. re: InSearchOfTacos

                      Russet and Farm & Fisherman are both good BYO recs for this. A little farther out, Fond would work too. None are like XIX but are more elegant than Koo Zee Doo and those kind of BYOs, a jacket would certainly not be out of place.

                      How about Bistro 7 in Old City? I haven't been but it's very close to Revolution House and on the more elegant end of BYOB.

                      1. re: barryg

                        i dont remember bistro 7 being anything special- we went for a date night and found it cramped and overpriced :( agree that a jacket wont be out of place though

                        1. re: InSearchOfTacos

                          if you want to stay in old city, i like chloe. byob and quite homey and cute. not elegant but i like the atmosphere a lot

            2. Romantic/Dressy of course is quite subjective. As perviously noted "no byobs that are especially romantic come to mind- vedge (in the old deux cheminees space) is gorgeous" . Vedge definitely provides all the elements which would support the potential for Romantic while Dressy would be appropriate. =1 on Vedge, friendly but classy with a full bar!

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              1. re: Bacchus101

                I like me some meat though :)

                Isnt vedge all vegetables

                1. re: jschl

                  I will third the recommendations for Russet and Farm and Fisherman. At F+F, we have found that each ordering a first and second course and then splitting a third is more than enough food and without dessert will keep us under $100. I think it's a lovely spot to dress up for, with the service being head and shoulders above Russet.

                  1. re: jschl

                    Right you are and it is also not BYOB, my error!