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Apr 23, 2012 10:33 AM

Chez Moi on Atlantic - The old La Mancha space

The stretch of Atlantic Ave west of Court is becoming quite a restaurant row. The latest addition (or maybe replacement I should say) is Chez Moi. We walked by it two weekends ago on the way to Colonie and noticed it seemed to be having its soft opening. The doors were wide open to the street on a very pleasant Saturday evening and a fashionable young crowd was gathered around the bar toasting and chatting in a lively way. We stopped to look at the menu and noticed the sign that indicated that the grand opening had yet to happen. It looked interesting but since we looked neither fashionable or young and had friends to meet at Colonie we hurried on (since we’re so unhip one might wonder about the apparent paradox of passing by Chez Moi for Colonie).

So we returned this weekend to try out Chez Moi for a late dinner. It was still quite lively and the bar was busy. I noticed that the crowd had a more of a neighborhood feel with couples and their young children as well as some more mature folk. I perused the wine list. Has anyone else noticed that its getting harder and harder to find a decent bottle of wine for under $40 even in your local spot? The menu has an assortment of typical bistro fare. There was steak frites, moules frites, roasted chicken, duck salad. We ordered and then waited and waited and waited just a bit more.

Food comes and its basic French fare. Well executed but nothing exciting. Meats are properly cooked, frites a touch salty, lots of butter on the veggies. The service was very friendly despite being slow (I suppose that’s better than the slow and surly I’ve had in France). I give it a pretty good, but if I’m in the mood for French, right now I prefer Baachus or Quercy. We will try Chez Moi again though. I’m hoping they get their legs firmer under them and hit their stride. There’s some potential here.

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  1. We tried it friday night and generally enjoyed it, french onion soup was a bit oversalted. Moules and steak were very good, but we both agreed that fries were nothing special. We liked the space and though service was good. Quercy is closing after this weekend, better go now if you want one last meal. I think Chez Moi is actually a step above Bacchus, but Ive never had anything better than a "good" experience there. I actually miss Le Petit Marche that used to be up on Henry in Brooklyn Heights, just not any great French food around here despite so many options really. We will probably try Chez Moi again at some point, it is still new after all, but for the price will hope for a bit better meal next time.

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        We go all the time. I especially like the beet salad app. and the skate entree. Always good.

        1. re: Steve R

          Sweet thanks! On my radar, but I always forget to go. Will fix that.

          1. re: HungryWino

            I'm the original poster. We've been back several times as its improved quite a bit since the first week it was open. Its part of our regular rotation now. The roast chicken is a favorite of mine.

            1. re: Bkeats

              Just figured that I'd take the time to bring this back to folks' attention. Since last year, there has been a chef change (not ownership, thankfully) and the food has actually gotten even better. We love it and go often. Friendly, unpretentious, fairly priced… a real neighborhood feel. We'll always miss La Mancha (& Jose) but, if this would have moved in next door, we'd have divided our time between them.

              1. re: Steve R

                it's one of my go-to spots. I will say the new chef's take on the spinach cheese crepe (served only at brunch) is actually not as good as the last chef's...but overall, lots of improvements.

                the fried chicken sandwich, which you can get during lunch and brunch is one of the city's best kept secrets. crispy thigh meat - yum!

      2. HungryWino's query is prompting me to update this. The potential that we saw on the first few visits has been confirmed. Chez Moi has only gotten better over time. Service is prompt and the food is quite good. Only problem with the place is that it's gotten so popular now that we can't just pop in and get a table.

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        1. re: Bkeats

          We've been back a number of times since my original lukewarm post above, and each time we've been fully satisfied. Compared to the places on Smith, I find the food much better and the atmosphere warmer, it's part of our rotation and always our go-to for French, happy to see they're always quite busy

          1. re: fishermb

            Cool, this is good to know. I remembered just now, I went in for happy hour oysters once and was really pleased with how fresh they were and the prices were fair. Remember wishing I had a better Champagne by the glass option, but I have no idea what they are pouring now... I think I went in January... bartender seemed very knowledgeable.

            Will have to go back for dinner. Thanks!