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Apr 23, 2012 09:00 AM

Sunday lunch near KCI

My mother flies in before lunch; we fly out later in the afternoon. We are looking for a tasty restaurant convenient to the airport. Someplace quiet and gifted with vegetables. Any and all cuisines.

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  1. tough area for food, especially somewhere "gifted with vegetables". swagat indian? ixtapa mexican? tasty thai? malay cafe? those four come to mind and non-chain restaurants. thai or malaysian might be your best bets in terms of vegetables.

    1. Well, until I saw the thing about vegetables, I was going to suggest Cafe Wetherby at the airport Hilton. Their barbecue team (Munchin' Hogs) is award-winning and it is super convenient to get there from the airport. They do have a full menu, but it isn't *especially* gifted with vegetables.

      Here is their lunch menu

      1. jdl98 stole all my answers! Ixtapa, Swagat, Tasty Thai, and Malay Cafe are all excellent choices. All also have plenty of vegetable options. Ixtapa's Vegetarian Chile Relleno is one of my favorite things to order. (FYI: It is not the heavily breaded monstrosity you see on most menus.)

        Please note that none of these places are very appealing from the outside (save Swagats), but are very warm and inviting once you cross their thresholds.