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Apr 23, 2012 08:52 AM

Chicharones and menudo - where to find?

I'm on my way to San Diego for a few days from the east coast.
Is there any where for the "real" things? I know that can mean
lots of different things, but I don't mind the problem of sampling
many varieties. It's been over 10 years since I left El Paso and
now's my chance. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. Not sure if you mean fried or stewed chicharron. Super Cocina in City Heights makes really delicious stewed chicharron in salsa verde. They also make menudo that I've heard is good, but I've never tried it.

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    1. re: Josh

      I have yet to find fried chichies..

      1. re: cstr

        Northgate Market sells them. They look pretty incredible, actually, but I've never had them.

        1. re: Josh

          Northgate and Pancho Villa both sell chicharones. I've purchased some at PV for a recipe I was doing and wasn't too pleased with them. Have not tried the chicharones at Northgate

          1. re: Josh

            let me guess, commodity! Thanks for the tip on N gate.

            1. re: cstr

              I take it you are talking about the fried ones? Although I like the stewed, there's not anything better for my money than still warm, fried chicharones, a smokey chipotle tomatillo salsa, and a ice cold negra modelo.
              If that's it, I'm headed to Northgate.

              1. re: Lovemetacos

                Yeah, they have fried chicharrones. Some of them are enormous. Their salsa isn't bad, either.