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Apr 18, 2012 06:40 PM

Dialysis and Diabetic

I, too, am happy to see this board, as my husband is a dialysis patient, and also diabetic. He loves good food, so I am hopeful that some chowhounds can help me expand his choices. The diabetes is under control, but, as a kidney patient, all the rules change. What's good for the rest of us, is not good for him

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  1. jacquelyn, i can't think of a better time for you to start a new thread asking for help with meals that won't negatively impact your husband's renal health. the more activity we get going here, the greater the likelihood that it will pick up momentum & participants!

    1. Jacquelyn, please tell us what you need. The dialysis diet is probably not familiar to most of us. I vaguely remember hearing that liquid intake must be controlled, in addition to other challenges. Is that how it is?

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        For a renal patient, phosphorus is public enemy #1!. That means watching all dairy, whole grains, fiber and, as I said before, what's healthy for the general public is absolutely not good for a kidney patient. Also, anything that is liquid at room temperature is to be restricted. I know the basics and more, I am hoping to hear from people who are "in my shoes" and what they make/buy. It's important to get enough proteins, without too much harm in regards to dietary restrictions. My husband is picky, (sigh) so I am hoping for "miracle" ideas. Hopefully, there are some out there. Thanks for your concern, I will add to what I know, or want to know.

        1. re: jacquelyncoffey

          jacquelyn, definitely start a new thread for this. otherwise you may miss out on a ton of useful suggestions - the title of the OP has nothing to do with what you need, so Hounds who can help will have no idea that the discussion exists within :) also be sure to specify whether or not your husband is on dialysis since that changes the recommendations slightly. i'll be on the lookout for your query and happy to contribute as much as i can!

      2. Have you tried posting on renal/dialysis patient forums?

        When I googled, I found several, including this one which apparently has a section dedicated to diet.

        Wishing you success. I have been in somewhat a similar situation and it is so difficult.