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Take out sushi in NDG/Wsmt, centre

CMT Apr 23, 2012 07:15 AM

Hi all,
Looking for quality, value sushi for sister-in-law birthday. Please let me know your suggestions.

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  1. v
    vanierstudent RE: CMT Apr 23, 2012 07:39 AM

    sushi 5 saison does takeout if i'm correct.

    1. m
      Maximilien RE: CMT Apr 23, 2012 08:16 AM

      Myamoto (rue victoria in Wsmt); maybe not the cheapest in town, but better than most take-out.

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      1. re: Maximilien
        Professional_Amateur RE: Maximilien Apr 24, 2012 07:10 AM

        it is quite good, agreed. also has hot Japanese meals for take-out, too.

      2. hungryann RE: CMT Apr 23, 2012 10:12 AM

        Yumi sushi is quite good.

        1. cherylmtl RE: CMT Apr 23, 2012 09:29 PM

          Kim in Westmount Square has very good sushi - they do takeout, but I don't think they are open most evenings, so you would have to plan and order in advance (depending on the day)

          1. w
            westaust RE: CMT Apr 24, 2012 07:46 AM

            Kashima on Greene is pretty good and they do take-out and delivery (although never tried their delivery)

            A bit more expensive is Miso corner Atwater and STe-Catherine, they also do takeout and delivery

            1. c
              CMT RE: CMT Apr 24, 2012 10:07 AM

              Thanks all,
              I am trying Royal sushi on Parc.....will let you know how it goes....staff was most helpful on the phone

              1. c
                corj RE: CMT Apr 25, 2012 08:27 AM

                Nagoya sushi on Ste-Catherine at Kensington in Westmount is our go-to. Pretty basic offerings but always very tasty/fresh. Miyamoto is needlessly expensive and Kashima is mediocre.

                1. c
                  chloeaardse RE: CMT Apr 25, 2012 09:35 AM

                  Kaizen is great and does takeout and delivery but is pricey.Mikado on Monkland is also really good!

                  1. c
                    CMT RE: CMT Apr 25, 2012 09:43 AM

                    Hi all,
                    As promised, here is summary of Royal Sushi.
                    Excellent presentation and service! Some of the dishes were a bit bland, others were excellent (chef's specialties)
                    Will revisit them

                    1. f
                      finefoodie55 RE: CMT Apr 27, 2012 01:30 PM

                      How about Park on Victoria in Westmount.Very fresh and creative Sushi,Sashimi and Maxi.Restaurant owned by Antonio Park ex Kaizen.

                      1. o
                        OliverB RE: CMT Apr 28, 2012 08:24 AM

                        Kim in the Westmount Square food court close at 6pm but are the best quality and value take-out sushi in the entire city and the fish is always fresh.

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