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Apr 23, 2012 06:25 AM

New Dim Sum places

I see a couple of new places cropping up since earlier this year. Anyone been to any of these places and feed backs please?

Peony China Bistro in Plymouth

Red Ginger China Bistro in Shoreview

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  1. Wanderer's in Minnetonka, Sat. and Sun. only. We discovered this unexpectedly on their 1st weekend open, a couple months ago. Tasty enough as I recall, but not enough variety (at that time, anyway) in vegetable dishes (one of the dining party is allergic to shrimp, which as you know is a major ingredient).

    1. My friend from China recommended Peony to me. I haven't been there yet but she even picked up their regular menu for me.

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        My wife and I tried the Wanderer's Garden for dim sum after six months. It used to be a back up to Mandarin Kitchen if you wake up after 10 am. This time, the food was inspiring enough to write a new review based on my dim sum favorites.

        Shrimp Ball - Okay, as good as Mandarin Kitchen and Yangtze. The shrimp is well done, but getting the wrap right is a challenge to all the restaurants in the Twin Cities.
        Chicken Feet - Very well done, better than MK and Y. The skin just falls off the bone. Flavor is greatly improved, far less "ketchupy" than before.
        Turnip Cake - Excellent, filled with Chinese sausage. My wife was full but placed an additional order to take home.
        Chopped Spare Rib - Excellent flavor, extremely fresh. Just slightly fatty to bring out all the juiciness.
        Sticky Rice Chicken - Good, contains salted egg yolk. This is an expensive ingredient that most other dim sum houses skip.

        I asked one of the waitstaff, who confirmed that they got a new dim sum chef. At this point, I would rate this as good as MK, although with less selection.

        Note that the same cannot be said for their buffet lunch.

        1. re: discus

          has WG recently changed ownership? (formerly owned by emily wu et al, my former boss-types at the downtown nankin, family/husband edmund also owns the chinese-american throwback restaurant pings on nicollet) people have been mentioning WG lately as if there have been major changes.

          1. re: discus

            We went to Wanderer's in April I think, and the wrap in the shrimp balls were a bit thick, and the spare ribs lacked a bit of flavor, so it sounds like they may have improved (if the new chef started after April!)

            1. re: Ummm

              I noticed yesterday they have weekend Dim Sum at Tea House II off the White Bear exit,just north of the Target (off the SW corner of 94) in St. Paul.

              1. re: Gastron

                I think the dim sum at Tea House is more northern chinese and doesn't come around on carts. Dim sum is usually cantonese and the dim sum dishes are cooked and brought around versus ordering off a menu.

                1. re: spahkee

                  Yup, that describes the dim sum at Tea House!