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Apr 23, 2012 05:50 AM

Trying to duplicate the Udon Noodle Dish from Parallax/Tremont at home-any help?

Im a huge foodie, but with small children at home, I dont get to go out for adventurous eats much these days. I am a pretty good cook and love to duplicate things that I have tried during my travels.

I travel by day, and stop for lunch at Parallax in Tremont as often as I can (which is not often enough to satusfy my craving for real food). Each time there is something very cool on the menu that I have not had anywhere else. The one dish that is haunting me in my sleep is the Udon noodle dish. Anyone from Cleve food scene know what Im talking about? The dish has perfectly al dente noodles, usually a vegetable, shrimp, pork belly and this insanely rich broth. Ive got pork belly down, but that broth....oh that broth... I dont even know where to begin constructing it. Any thoughts from anyone?

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