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Apr 23, 2012 05:25 AM

Breakfast in New Haven

Hey folks,

I work in the city and am looking for a breakfast destination that is not a chain. Looking for Sandwiches on the go, not sandwiches in the ghetto. Help?


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  1. If you're near Westville, try the corned beef hash and egg at Lena's! Bella's across the street also makes good breakfast sandwiches.

      1. re: cheereeo

        Zoe's on Orange is not far from Judy's. They don't produce their own baked goods, but they make good sandwiches and are both much less expensive and less "precious" than Judy's. They do a lot of take out (they also deliver, in the area, though I doubt they'd deliver a single breakfast sandwich). A few tables, but rather chaotic at lunchtime (calmer in the morning).

      2. Thank you thus far. I'll have to see if some of these places service to go orders.

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        1. re: stormshadow

          Clark's Dairy, Whitney Ave..........'nuff said.......!

          1. re: KSlink

            Another good choice. No reason to go hungry in thisart of NH.