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Apr 23, 2012 04:59 AM

Restaurants around Kamakura?

Currently, I'm living in Tokyo, but will be leaving in a month. Hard to believe I haven't gone to Kamakura yet!

I've ate at some pretty darn good restaurants here in Tokyo, like Narisawa, Esaki, Ryugin, Tsunahachi, Ichigo, and Sanda. Hoping to do some good eating in Kamakura as well! ( leaning towards contemporary Japanese cuisine for now...)

Any recommendations welcome, I can speak somewhat Japanese so English service is not necessary. Also some attractions in Kamakura if you have any, although I would skip temples, shrines, and other "touristy" areas...(had enough of those on a trip to Kyoto)


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  1. The Great Buddha at Kotoku-in should not be missed, despite your aversion so temples, etc....

    1. The attractions in Kamakura are temples and shrines.

      1. sushi Izumi was very good. Food was of excellent quality. It is conveniently located within 2 mins walk from Hase eki. The chef and his wife provides warm service. I believe it is highly ranked in tabelog and has a Michelin star.

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          There are some other Michelin places around here too. I don't have my computer, but I recommend checking The Tokyo food file blog and the assorted map, there are some good recommendations for the shonan area. Will you have personal transportation or just trains/buses?

          Try renting a stand up paddle surfboard, or a mountain bike and do some exploring. Lots of decent, easy hiking in the area.