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Apr 23, 2012 04:00 AM

2012 Calgary food trucks.

It must be almost time for them to start opening. Where's your favorite?

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  1. Most of them have been running all winter. Alley Burger, Noodle Bus, Perogy Boyz and (sometimes) Might Skillet seem to always be around downtown.

    My favourite food truck is Fiasco Gelato's truck because I love soup and am obsessed with their gelato. I'm really looking forward to the Naaco Truck.

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    1. re: cellophane_star

      I was looking for Jo Jo's BBQ to start off. Found her,
      I guess there's a site for them so this tread is kind of redundant and will disappear.

      Have a good one.

      1. re: The Gut

        Just got back from the park after Jo Jo's. Garlic fries delicious, powerfully garlic. Poutine with meat also good. My wife liked the ribs more than me. I love the ones from Holy Smoke. Daughter had pulled pork, nice sandwich, mild flavoured pork. Wife apparently targeted the sauce as it was gone before I had a bite.

    2. Hit the Alley Burger truck today and enjoyed it. Got a small Alley Burger; pork patty with peri-peri aoli and cheese curds for $5. The aoli didn't bring a lot of flavor, but the pork was tasty and the cheese curds melted in a particularly delightful fashion. Also had the beef burger, though I don't remember it's special name. Beef was tasty, but if I'd realized how thin the patties were I'd probably have ordered a double. The addition of a fried egg and Spragg's bacon where nice though, so I'll definitely be back for another. Fries where fine, though I tend to like my "truck-fries" twice fried and a little on the over-cooked side. Boylan's sodas where a bit steep at $3, but they where ice cold, so we ended up going back for another Birch Beer.
      Prices were generally good, food was tasty, staff were a hoot...these guys are my favorite of all the truck's we've tried so far.

      Hit the Noodle Bus and Perogy Boyz at the Home Show a few months ago. Noodle Bus wasn't any different from any other Vietnamese place you'd find in town. Perogy Boyz was good, but I'm obligated to say that they don't hold a candle to my wife and mother-in-law's family recipe...(I would like to find them again and try some of the unique varieties though; duck and blueberry sounds interesting).

      1. Short:
        Grabbed the Steak Bite Fries from the Steakout truck outside of MEC today...meh...Let me know if the prime-rib sandwich is worth checking out, because based on what I had today, I don't think I'd hit this truck up again

        10 bucks got me a take-out tray of fries (actually pretty damn good fries) covered with 6 or 7 chunks of pleasantly seasoned, but otherwise overcooked steak'ums, some shaved parm, and a side of garlic dip that could have very easily come out of a vat via Sysco.

        The fries were far-and-away the best part, easily besting the batch I had from Alley Burger Truck last weekend. They were double dipped; soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside and joined by a couple of blackened, but still kinda sweet slivers of deep fried onion (these errant onions may have been a mistake, but they were tasty).

        The steak'ums had a nice peppery rub on them and a pleasant crust, but every last one revealed a center that was grey from edge to edge. They weren't too chewy, and certainly weren't overcooked to the point of being tough, just overcooked to the point of making me wish I was eating something a little more rare.

        The parm on the fries was nice enough, and the side of dip was improved by the addition of horseradish from one of the squeeze bottles. Apparently they'd had quite a busy day, so the only drink options were Coke Zero, orange juice or apple juice. I decided to pass on a drink.

        The truck is new and clean and quite flashy; the graphic wrap matched the can of Coke Zero sitting on the counter. Some of the trucks I've seen immediately give you a sense of "personality", I don't get that with this one. That might be just me. Though I do wonder what came first, the recipes or the name?

        * I posted this here, rather than the thread that The Gut linked to because that thread seems to be more focused on the socio-politcal side of the food truck scene thing.

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        1. re: KcM

          I tried out this steak truck outside of MEC the other day as well. I opted for the 4.5oz top sirloin sandwich and fries. The folks working the truck were nice, but the food was a major disappointment.

          The sandwich consisted of a ciabatta style role with an untrimmed slab of sirloin (maybe prime rib?) tossed on top. Nothing else. No onions, no cheese, no hot peppers.....nothing. I realize that any steak aside from perhaps a tenderloin is going to have some fat on it but this cut was bordering on gross. There was little to no sear on the steak and the sandwich was literally dripping with grease. I pretty much disassembled the sandwich and hand picked the edible pieces of meat from the fat. What a mess. I ate maybe half of this thing and threw it in the trash.

          The shaved parm was a nice touch on the fries but aside from that, they were way too greasy and soggy for my tastes. The cardboard box that held my meal was literally soaked through with oil. I ate about 10 of these and threw the rest of the huge portion in the garbage. I left with that gross feeling where your mouth feels entirely coated with fat and thought to myself, "why in the hell did I eat any of that?"

          I'm not afraid to indulge in the occasional super high calorie meal but it when I do, I expect it to be really good and enjoyable. The only thing I took away from this lunch was regret. I'm still kicking myself because I was on my way to Rocky's when I decided to change course and try something new downtown.

          I wish these guys all the best, but I'll not be eating there ever again.

        2. I had the beef teppanyaki from the Shogun food truck last week and was mightily dissapointed. It really wasn't anything different from what you would get from Edo in the mall, and im not sure it was any more convenient.

          I've yet to be wowed by anything from the food trucks, having tried the noodle bus, perogies and this; but I hear the Alleyburger is really quite good and the Naaco truck certainly looks interesting.

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          1. re: crazy_eoj

            I have tried Fries & Dolls, Jojo's BBQ, the Mexican one and Alley burger.

            Jojo's pulled pork was good the first time. Second time meh, kind of dry with odd bun. A tablespoon of (good) coleslaw as a side was $3!!

            Fries were ok but they are just fries.

            The Mexican (compadres?) was very disappointing. 3 soggy tacos with flavourless meat and two slices of green onion. Nothing else!!

            Alley burger was not very good. Flavour wise ok but the patty was totally mushy apart from some gristle/tough bits in it. I can not stand gristle. Never again.

            I am definitely going to try more. I don't like that I have to wait half of my lunch hour in line (first to order, then to get it) and then find a place to sit and eat. All the food is very price too.
            Not sure what the purpose is then when it is not cheaper or quicker than a restaurant.

            1. re: crazy_eoj

              Tried the Naaco Truck this weekend and was hugely disappointed. I don't want to bash them because I appreciate what they're trying to do but I did not have a positive experience (unlike every other Tweet i've read so maybe it's just me?) I would still like to try some of their other selections, just to make sure it wasn't a one-time disappointment.

              I am a long time fan of Fiasco Gelato so their truck is my favourite. Honestly, I think their gelato is honestly better than some of the ones I tried in Italy.

              The beef pho at Noodle Bus was pretty good.

              The Alley Burger is really really good.

              My friend gave Perogy Boyz & Holy Crepe positive reviews.

              Looking forward to trying SnoBerryIce sometime.

              1. re: cellophane_star

                I had high hopes for the Naaco Truck at Kingsland FM and was also disappointed. I realize that it's their opening day but it was completely disorganized in taking the orders. They wrote my order and name on the box and yet it still got lost and I had to end up waiting 15 minutes.

                Tried their butter chicken and found it a bit odd with the color sugar sprinkles. The butter chicken (and other curries) in the Kingsland market is way way better. Friend had the beef and it was way too watery and made the naan soogy. I thought they were going to crisp up the naan like a taco but it's really not much different than "ok" indian food on a naan.

                1. re: slingshotz

                  It wasn't even good naan... it was too thick and more like a pita. Its thickness completely overtook the pork inside (which was bland to begin with and "bland" is definitely not something I associate with Indian food!)

                  I didn't even want the naan; I ordered brown basmati rice but they didn't have any (on opening day!) Nor did they have the Licorice Kiss iced tea I ordered (had to settle on the usual chai which wasn't anything special either).

                  Such disappointment after a 45 MINUTE wait...

            2. I've tried a couple of trucks and have to say that I am underwhelmed, in terms of price, creativity and execution.

              Gonna offend the homers here, but Vancouver excells generally in all three areas, with prices that make you want to keep trying more trucks/stands, creativity in that a lot of items are unique to the truck scene, and execution, well the food tastes so damn good!

              Japadog, Korean-Mexican fusion, the best damn chicken sandwich I've ever had, Middle East street food, and on, with what seems to be a much higher truck/stand-to-population ratio than Calgary.

              I know the "industry" isn't as mature here, but hopefully those contemplating a truck or stand will gain some inspiration by looking at what is making people happily line up in other cities.