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Apr 22, 2012 11:21 PM

Cru, Blue Water Cafe or Yew?

We'll be visiting Vancouver for a few days from the UK and would like to have a  more 'upscale' meal for one of the nights. Having done some research, including reading past posts here, I've narrowed it down to Cru, Blue Water Cafe or Yew. We're looking for a place that feels very Vancouver, with a buzzy atmosphere and of course great food, especially fish. A good selection of B.C wines, especially by the glass, would be good too. We're flexible on price and location. Please help us choose!

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  1. I have not been to Yew. From my own experiences, Blue Water Cafe is much better than Cru.
    And if fish is your thing, Blue Water will not disappoint!

    The atmosphere at Blue Water is bustling, but definitely not loud.

    If you want a very buzzy atmosphere check out Chambar.

    1. Nothing against Cru but they are not in the same class of restaurant as Blue Water. Cru is more of a cozy neighbourhood cafe/bistro and although they have seafood on their menu it isn't a specialty.
      Blue Water is probably your best bet but I would pop into Yew when you get here just to see what you think. It's in the middle of the Four Seasons Hotel but has a nice open feel to it.

      Another possibility is C restaurant -the other top seafood restaurant in Vancouver. Great location opposite Granville Island market (especially on a sunny day) and and they are the leaders when it comes to sourcing local and sustainable seafood.

      Of the two Blue Water is the lusher setting and they are both in the top end pricewise.....

      1. Yew, definitely. Without question. 100%. It's routinely hailed as having the best fish in the city and Chef Ned is someone who really cares about his product.

        BWC is OK and more upscale than Cru. Cru's fine for a Wednesday night meal but not particularly renowned for its fish, nor is it that buzzy.

        1. Blue Water Cafe is great when it's great, but I've experienced some inconsistency with their preparations including an unforgivably overcooked halibut one meal. I do go back - fun for a (splurgy) group gathering over oysters and various shared dishes. Between BWC and Yew, I much prefer Yew's cuisine and have never been disappointed. Not as buzzy an atmosphere as BWC but a nicer space IMO. Yew has the better by-the-glass wine selection I'd say - everything can be had by the glass. Go on a Sunday and the bottles are 1/2 price (though the markup is rather high so they have room to do that!)

          I love Cru but as mentioned it's a different type of restaurant - more neighbourhood-ey and intimate. Great wine program - loads by the glass and grouped by characteristic.

          All are very Vancouver in feel, I'd say :-)

          1. This is all great insight/advice, thank you everybody! It looks like it's either BWC or Yew, I'll think it over a bit more and make a choice. I'll be sure to report back. Thanks again.