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Apr 22, 2012 09:12 PM


HI there

I have to surprise to my girlfirend during our stay in PAris in Spetember and she would love to have a picnic.. i need your help fopr a location ( by the seine) would be great wiht some places in the vecinity to buy the spplies ( cheese, ham wine and so on)

Thanks in advance


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  1. My two fave picnic spots, neither near the Seine. I choose them not only for the beauty and the "secret" factor but also for the availability of good food nearby:
    - Jardin Anne Frank, beautiful peaceful spot yet so near Centre Pompidou. I get a great Banh Mi from Angéla on nearby rue Volta. Saturday mornings there are often planting classes for children, in the potager corner operated by neighbors. -- There are many such neighborhood-run potagers in public parks all over Paris, called les Jardin Partagés.
    - Jardin St Gilles Grand Veneur, a "secet" rose garden smack in the middle of the Marais. Where to get picnic food? I like to get all kinds of goodies from Finkelstajn on rue des Rosiers. Other nearby good picnic spots are Place des Vosges and the courtyard of Hotel Sully, but they are better known to, to everybody.
    - Jardin des Plantes. Picnic food either from the Place Maubert market or food shops orthe Place market (check market hours).
    - The none too secret but still leisurely Canal Saint Martin. Picnic food from El Nopal. At last Paris has good Mexican food.

    For a Seine picnic, a good place to get picnic food nearby is the Basque charcuterie Pierre Oteiza on 18 Boulevard St Michel.

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      Hola PArigi

      Thanks a lot for your nice tips i really appreciate :-)

    2. Cheese from Laurent Dubois (MOF 2000) 2 Rue de Lourmel, 75015. There's a Nicolas across the street for wine, and then it's a nice-ish walk to either Pont de Bir Hakeim, Parc de Javel (or anything along that side of the seine), Tour Eiffel, or Musee Quai Branly (they have a beautiful outdoor garden thing)

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        Cheeeesseeee yummy yummy...

        I will apprecaite your tips thansk a lot

      2. There are stone benches at river level along the Seine. i like the ones below Quai Voltaire that look across to the Louvre, but each quai has its personality. If I were young, I would at least once spread my tablecloth/blanket on the Pont des Arts and join the nightly "grand picnic" somewhat quieter on weeknights than weekends.

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          Mangeur !!!

          Thanks a lot for your tip ..i will checl all your recomendations :-)

        2. making me hungry! I like cheese from Dubois, charcuterie from Oteiza and a bench in the Jardin de Luxembourg.... ;)

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          1. You could also check for market schedules and enjoy the experience of shopping before your picnic. The Bastille market is on Thursday morning and could then picnic at the secret garden mentioned before. Also Rue Mouffetard is excellent for shopping then picnic in Luxembourg gardens visiting the Pantheon. I think Sunday is more active here. We are staying in an apartment in May and these are my plans.

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              Thanks a lot for your recomnedations... i really appreciate :-)