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Apr 22, 2012 08:48 PM

Best things to eat in Glover Park

Hi Everyone,
I am moving to Glover Park next month and am looking for some recommendations of the best dishes you've eaten in the area. I'm coming from Houston, so I'm definitely up for any variety of food, but DC is giving me sticker shock, so I'd appreciate some reasonably priced options.


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  1. You've got lots of great options. First, for splurges, walk south down Wisconsin to Bistro Lepic or enjoy one of the city's best sushi places, Sushiko. Fantastic pizza is up Wisconsin a bit at 2 Amy's. Surfside and Rockland's BBQ will be low-cost options and I've never been disappointed by the food at Bourbon, which is casual but a bit nicer than those two (the sweet potato fries are phenomenal).

    And the best ice cream in the city is at Max's Best.

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      I'm from Houston too and I can tell you right now that while Rockland's is pretty much nothing like the barbecue you're used to, kate's right in that it's the best bet in the area. Also second bourbon, very simple well-done comfort food.

      1. re: katecm

        I will voice a second opinion and point you down Wisconsin Ave to Thomas Sweet's (and also, Dolcezza) for the best ice cream/Argentine gelato in DC! Not too far from Glover Park!

      2. Dumplings at Shanghai Tea House are pretty awesome. I second Surfside, big fan. The weekday lunch special at Heritage India is delicious as well. Not as cheap as it used to be, but still a good deal given how much they normally charge for entrees.

        1. This is awesome - thinking about all the deliciousness in my future makes packing my apartment much more palatable.
          Thanks all!