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Apr 22, 2012 08:07 PM

Mexican at Fraser and Kingsway

Thanks to a tip from farman, Sal y Limon is number one on my hit list: Looks like it opened on Friday.

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  1. Good intel, GE. Thx :-) Looks like they're in that tiny plaza where Ba Le is ...... hmmmm, banh mi or torta, this will be tough :-)

    I go by that area often, so I might check them out this week.

    1. I was so happy to see huarache on the menu - you don't find them at many places in Vancouver. I ordered the huarache de piernas. They offered a "combination" add-on for a little over $2 which included a choice of sides (I had the soup) and a drink (I had the horchata).

      The soup was a tomato base and plated nicely with some crunchy tortilla strips and sour cream. The soup was slightly underseasoned, but they offered up a nice variety of salsas. Adding in a bit of the chipotle salsa (which had a very nice heat profile and complex flavouring) really kicked up the soup to a delicious level. I really enjoyed the soup.

      The huarache arrived and I was happy to see it was freshly fried - a wonderful strong corn flavour platform for the toppings which included pureed black beans, the delicious soft stewed pork, pickled onions, cabbage, sour cream, jalapenos, and cotija. Once again the flavour profile was good, but on the mild side. Adding in some of the salsa really rounded everything out to a flavour profile I really enjoyed.

      Service was extremely friendly as well - bonus!

      I'll definitely be back to work my way through their other offerings.....Adding in salsas from their salsa bar liberally to adjust the flavour profile to a heat/flavour level to my liking. :)

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      1. re: YVRChow

        I figured you'd be there sooner or later (and beat me to it) ;-)

        So I went for lunch today (just over an hour ago). First one, beat the lunch rush. I had a late brekkie so I wasn't able to accommodate a burrito, sope, torta or quesadilla on the menu :-( Hence the opp. to hit the tacos. I got pastor (pork+pineapple), pierna (pulled pork) and cordero (lamb). Each one is $2.25 (50 cents more for cheese). Too bad they don't have a 4-fer deal like um, LT. The cordero was nice and tender, more lambey than DC's. The pierna was tender but mild-tasting. The pastor was a wee bit drier and stringey but not lacking flavour. Not sure if pineapples are commonly included, but it was a nice addition (sized like canned pineapple tidbits). For salsas (6 choices) I went for the peanut and verde (#3 and #4 respectively on the hot scale). Creamier, more complex-tasting salsas than I recall at DC (which I've always had to "rely" on their salsas for any significant taste). I like how the plastic container here is much bigger and useful for the salsas than the wee paper condiment cups at DC. Each large bowl of salsa is freshly made in-house and looked inviting.

        Quickly chatted/complimented with the owner and suggested/strongly hinted I have a sweet tooth, so I'd look forward if they'll introduce churro (they will) and tre leches in the future. He's not sure about tre leches but mentioned a possible chocolate cake (I didn't get the name of it). As I was leaving, a lunch crowd was streaming in, the counter gal kindly gave me a menu to take home (which I'll upload here).

        Next visit I'm going for the sopes and tortas (by virtue of skipping brekkie and lunch)

        As I walked by Ba Le I noticed a conspicuous shortage of customers .........

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Clearly I need to try the tacos next! :) Did they use fresh tortillas they made by any chance? Or were they more commercial?

            1. re: YVRChow

              Well I happened to see owner dude take out a package of tortillas out of the cold case right after I ordered, so my bet is no. Not that I'd prolly know the difference unless I did an A-B comparison.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Bummer. I still want a place that makes its own fresh right as you are ordering. It isn't hard. I don't know why the places here don't do it?

                1. re: YVRChow

                  Any place local that does make 'em fresh to order ? I'd like to try (first time) !

                  When Que Pasa was in Kits, one can almost eat their tortillas "fresh" in the deli/store, I think. It wasn't right out of the kitchen/factory but I'm guess it was pretty close.

                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    I haven't seen anyplace here that makes them fresh with a tortilla press. Wish there were!

            1. re: grayelf

              I don't think so, Grayelf. But it tasted good.

              1. re: YVRChow

                You could ask them next time you're there :-)

            2. re: YVRChow

              Yeah, the more I think how I can liberally spoon their salsas on anything just makes me want to go back even more and soon ......

              BTW, chips are $2 as standalone side, or as a combo with homemade drink for between $2.75 (one side + drink) or $3.75 (two sides + drink).