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Apr 22, 2012 07:48 PM

New York EMP Lunch

We will be visiting New York City again this June, and have pretty much set our minds on Lunch at Eleven Madison Park. This will be our first time dining here, but not at a restaurant of this caliber (dined at Daniel Christmas Eve), and am wondering what the Lunch menu's are like, how they work, how many are there, etc.

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  1. There are only 2 menus available for lunch in the dining room. There is the 4 course comprised of the well documented "grid" and it changes so it's hard to say what will be on it during your visit. There is also the option of the tasting menu which is a longer format.

    1. From their site:

      Our menu format is intended to offer an experience in which our guests can enjoy the inherent surprise of a tasting menu, while still maintaining some control. Dishes are listed solely by their principal ingredients, and guests are invited to make their selections, share any thoughts or preferences, including any ingredient dislikes, and allow us to design their meal from there.

      Lunch- Four Courses for $74, Tasting Menu for $125
      Dinner- Four Courses for $125, Tasting Menu for $195

      Sample 4 course menu - this changes all the time:

      The courses of the tasting menu are usually not listed.

      Eleven Madison Park is open for lunch Monday through Friday, noon–2:00p.m. No weekend lunch. They are closed Sundays.

      For reservations, call 212.889.0905 or use

      They open up their books at 9am exactly 28 days (4 weeks) in advance, counting the current day. You should book at 9am right when your date is first available; otherwise, you risk not getting in. I recommend having both your phone AND your computer handy.

      1. Okay, thanks for the information.

        1. i did the 8 course lunch tasting for $125 back in january and confirmed with our server that the experience was exactly the same as what is offered at dinner for $195. the meal took over four hours and in addition to the eight proper course, several extras were included.

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          1. re: streaksinthesky

            Wow I did the tasting earlier this month at lunch time in under 3.

            1. re: nextguy

              We just did the lunch tasting, started at 1230 and we were still there when they were seating for dinner, to each his own.

          2. Is the 4-course lunch good too, because everyone has only talked about the tasting?

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            1. re: lhenry

              Absolutely! And with all the little extras you'll feel like it is much more than 4 courses,

              1. re: lhenry

                Nothing wrong at all with the four course, and it's delicious! Plus, it's better if you have specific preferences. Also it is easier to choose 8 different things and try each other's dishes.

                1. re: kathryn

                  Is the tasting menu worth the extra money?

                  1. re: lhenry

                    Depends on what you like to eat. The 7 courses on the tasting menu are typically two vegetable, foie gras, seafood/fish, a meat, cheese, and dessert. The tasting may not be the way to go if you don't want that format.

                    For example, we did the 4 course when I went in Decemer: crab, lobster, seared foie, winter truffle pasta, duck for two (off menu/available by request), dark chocolate, blue cheese. Basically one of my dream meals because it was tailored to my preferences (I like vegetables and fish but other things jumped out at me more).

                    Also you'll both be served the same preparation of a course unless you specifically request otherwise.


                    Either way, you'll have a wonderful, leisurely meal, with great service.

                    1. re: kathryn

                      The 4-course sound like more than 4 selections, how were you able to get more?

                      1. re: lhenry

                        Two people, four courses each, but we had the duck for two, so seven selections.

                      2. re: kathryn

                        Kathryn, may I ask how much was the duck for two supplement, if you remember?

                          1. re: deepfry7

                            The duck is a 95$ supplement with the tasting menu. They allow you to take the duck instead of the main meat course on the 4 course tasting with no extra charge. It is a very good deal since it ends up being 2 courses. The first is the breast, and then they return later with a confit leg.