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Apr 22, 2012 07:44 PM

Birthday Dinner in Convoy Area?

I'm trying to organize a birthday dinner for a group of 12 or so, and would prefer one of the restaurants in the Convoy area. The group has very open tastes and can handle spicy well, but I don't think most of the usual places I like up there (Izakaya Sakura, Ba Ren [RIP], etc) could accommodate a group of this size. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. If you're interested in Chinese, you might consider China Max. Their forte is dim sum to order at lunch but they are very accommodating and easy to communicate with (not always the case on Convoy) and very clean (also not always the case on Convoy). An advance conversation with the manager will probably ensure a balanced menu and minimal hassle at the time of the dinner. If Chinese is your choice, I would avoid Jasmine or Emerald (bad food, bad service, and in the case of Emerald not very clean).

    1. Buga has a private room that will do 12.

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        +1 on Buga Korean BBQ.
        Could do reservations at Okan but everyone would be sitting around the bar, most likely.
        Could also do Yakyudori Ramen and Yakitori, either a bunch of tables together or at the yakitori bar.
        Izakaya Sakura could accomodate you, I'd just call ahead to reserve a table.

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          Buga's a great rec. That's where I'd go.

        2. Thanks for the recommendations everyone!