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Apr 22, 2012 07:32 PM

Anh Hong Dorchester

As a fairly recent transplant to Dorchester I am continually astounded at the delicious food options available here.

After a drink at 224 Boston Street which was charming and convivial, we went to Anh Hong.

As I continue to explore new Vietnamese places they just seem to keep getting better. Anh Hong was no exception. The roast quail appetizer was crispy and tender and hit all of the flavor notes. I had a curried tofu which was absolutely perfect and very balanced. My husband had a beef pho with tendon and tripe and noted that all of the meat was particularly well executed. I am looking forward to returning soon. We were the last table in the restaurant on this miserable rainy Sunday and as we were about to pull away the waitress came running out in a t-shirt to give my husband his hat that he had left behind.

Any other ones we should try? I have been to Ba Le Bahn Mi, Sunrise, Pho Le, Pho Hoa, Pho 2000.

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  1. I like Brother's Crawfish which is across the street and closer to Fields Corner. It's a Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in crawfish boils. Lots of tasty flavors. There is also a good Vietnamese restaurant just outside Fields Corner station on Dorchester Ave. I can't think of the name off hand.

    1. You've hit up many of the best. I like Anh Hong for Bo 7 Mon (the 7 course beef) and for Vietnamese hot pot. I like Sunrise for the Canh Chua (vietnamese sour soup). Pho So 1 Boston for Pho and friendly service. Pho Hoa for Bahn Hoi and Bun. For stir fried dishes, I like Xinh Xinh in Chinatown.

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      1. re: keith

        Is it just me or is the service at Pho Hoa horrible?

        1. re: suzysue2

          Ive always found it to be fine.

          Ate there last night and food was good and service was prompt, if somewhat detached.

      2. I guess you should also try Pho So 1, which is in Fields Corner. I ate there once last fall, and had a good duck soup. Can't recall what else is good, since I usually went to Pho 2000, but given that you are eating at all the other Vietnamese places, would be great to hear your thoughts on Pho So 1 too!

        Dave MP

        1. pho so 1
          la baguette
          ba le bakery
          hien vuong
          saigon seafood restaurant

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            What is a must have at LA Baguette?

            1. re: suzysue2

              they have quite a a selection of banh mi but my favorites are the dac biet (cold cut) and bo nuong (grilled beef). both ordered "extra extra spicy"