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Apr 22, 2012 06:29 PM

Saturday lunch in Birmingham this week

Going to UAB next Saturday at 1:00. The places I wanted to eat do not appear to be open for lunch - Highlands, Hot Fish, Ollie Irene, Bottega. We're from Huntsville, and my sister from Pensacola is meeting us, so we don't need southern food or BBQ, as we have that all the time. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Gail

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  1. All the places you mentioned are fine dining establishments. Most are not open for lunch. However, most open at 5 or 5:30 so you could get an early seating if you'll still be in town. If not, here are a few suggestions:
    -The sister restaurant to Bottega is open for lunch. Bottega Cafe is adjacent. The food is much more casual, but still really good.
    - The Fish Market is a couple of blocks away from UAB Hospital and is a lunch staple. Fresh fish with a Medi twist. The oysters are really good.
    - Surin West is a good to great Thai place. The sushi is good and the chicken noodle bowl (I get it Thai hot) is fabulous, and a great value.
    - Taziki's is a fast casual place that have a wonderful special each Friday & Saturday. Penne pasta with grilled chicken, feta, basil, tomatoes & balsamic dressing. Yum.
    - Silvertron Cafe is a very short drive from UAB. They have a pretty diverse menu so you should be able to find something to your liking. The triple salad platter is my go-to. Shrimp salad, pasta salad, & chicken salad.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Unfortunately, most of Birmingham's best restaurants are closed for lunch on Saturday. It sounds like you're looking for a nice, sit-down lunch. If that's the case, your best bet is Bottega Cafe (next door to Bottega restaurant). The cafe is more casual (and less expensive) than the restaurant, but still delicious.

      Some other options
      - Flip Burger (at the Summit; upscale and creative burger place; owned by a Top Chef winner)
      - Chez Lulu (in the English Village area of Mountain Brook; good sandwiches/soups/tarts; French; attached to a Continental Bakery which provides the restaurant with all of its bread)

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        1. As mentioned, Saturday lunch doesn't have a lot of high-end stuff open.
          My opinions on what's mentioned so far: if you want upscale go to Bottega cafe. I think its over-rated, but its pretty good. Chez Lulu is also somewhat along those lines,but its not bad. I have a personal thing against Flip Burger, I'll just say I think its more marketing than high-quality.
          Fish Market is pretty good for casual. I think Surin is not very good Thai. Taziki's has a sterile uninspired chain feel for me. For mediterranean I'd do Makarios or Pita Stop.

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            Thanks for the input! Think we'll try Bottega Cafe. My elderly mother will be with us so I doubt she can wait until 5:30 without a nap :)