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Apr 22, 2012 06:15 PM

Escondido / San Marcos

Coming to the area (from Maine) for three days and I'm looking for the places I shouldn't miss. Anything Mexican, local drinking hangouts, (mexican drinking hangouts?), sushi, local farm to table, and anything else of note. Thanks for the help. I'll be sending free lobsters to the winning posts - full disclosure - just kidding, although I can hook you up.

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  1. I'll take those lobstah's and I love Maine!

    Hacienda de Vega is one of my faves for lunch or dinner
    Stone Brewery in Esco..
    O'Sullivan's in downtown Esco for a pint of Guinness and great fish n' chips
    Lourdes in Esco has great Mex and award winning chicken soup Mex style
    Los Charros on Valley Pkwy is one of the best dive taco shops and my DH raves on the carne asada burrito.
    Sushi...Kaito in Encinitas
    Cocina de Maria in Esco
    Brigantine in Esco for everyday happy hour of fab fish tacos and a Brig brew..some of the best for $3

    Great Mex bakeries and grocery stores in Esco.

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Way to set the high bar! I guess I should expect that from someone named Beach Chick!!
      I bet some of the bakeries also sell menudo?

        1. re: dwatkins79

          Try Vamos Es Texcoco on E.Vista Way in Vista, excellent sloooo roasted barbacoa.

          1. re: cstr

            Thanks sledge...I couldn't remember the name of this place..awesome!
            The flautas de papa ( potato rolled tacos) are some of the best.


            1. re: cstr

              This place looks awesome. Thanks!

              1. re: cstr

                I love their website. "vamos a comer..." I'll be singing this all the way there.

            2. re: Beach Chick

              +1 on Kaito.
              Solace at the Moonlight Lounge in Encinitas
              Yu Me Ya in Encinitas
              Blue Ribbon Artisanal Pizzeria in Encinitas
              Elizabeth Desserts in Encinitas for take out. American style baked goodies.

              1. Cenote Grill in Escondido. +1 for Hacienda de Vega. Vinz on Grand for great selection of wine and food. Tango for sit down lunch and dinner with excellent wine list. IMHO, Stone is good for the beer but the food leaves a lot to be desired, your mileage may vary. Tacos Alex in San Marcos.


                1. I too vote for Tango. I believe they have the best food in downtown Esco if not the whole city. I am not a big fan of Hacienda de Vega food but it is a great setting to hang out on a warm day and drink a Margarita or two. If you want good carnitas in a very casual setting, Pacific Taco on Centre City in the Major Market plaza is a great place. If you will be here on a Tuesday afternoon, head for the Farmers' Market on Grand--3-6--and get a squash blossom taco from the stand on the southeast side, maybe followed up by a tamale from the same spot.

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                  1. re: escondido123

                    I'm psyched because I'll be there on tuesday. The Farmers' Market will be one of my many stops!!!

                    1. re: dwatkins79

                      The Indian vendor does great samosas on North side toward Juniper.

                  2. Drinking hangouts:
                    Churchill's Pub in San Marcos
                    Lost Abbey Brewery in San Marcos
                    Iron Fist Brewery in Vista

                    Eats not already mentioned:
                    URBN pizza in Vista
                    Curry & More in San Marcos

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                    1. re: Katherine H

                      Lots of thanks again. I'm so excited to get out of this cold spring for a good time.

                      1. re: dwatkins79

                        When you send out my lobstah's, can you send out some rolls too..
                        ; - )

                      2. re: Katherine H

                        I hear that Churchill's Pub has some pretty decent fish n' chips too.

                        1. re: Beach Chick

                          Last item on the sandwich list, it was delicious this past week-end !


                          1. re: cstr

                            Shut up!!!
                            You were in one of my fave places in BOS!
                            Craving me a lobstah roll with mayo and a drizzle of butter on top..some chowder and a dozen oysters..
                            So so jealous..did you have drinks at my other fave, Locke-Ober too...JFK stew to really rub it in..

                            1. re: Beach Chick

                              No Locke-Ober, gone through many changes, IMO, not what it used to be although their bar is magnif!