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Apr 22, 2012 05:52 PM

Cowboy Supper

Does anyone remember making Cowboy Suppers? I did it with my family. We would stack sliced onion, potaotoes, thick burger patty, potatoes and onion again. The wrap it in several layers of foil and bury it in coals in the ground. Oh, the anticipation of unwrapping the package!The bottom layer of onions and potato would be burned but the rest would be so tender and delicious! I think some scouts may have made it in coffee cans, back when the cans were squat instead of tall.

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  1. We still make these when camping, but leave the ground beef loose (and call them "hobo bundles"). They're not nearly as tasty at home as they are when in the great outdoors. ;-)

    1. I got thrown out of Brownies, so campfires were not a part of my childhood.

      1. Oh yeah. I remember them. I was a Boy Scout.

        Did you ever try to cook bacon and eggs in a paper sack over a campfire? Lots of fun.

        Put 2 or slices of bacon in the bottom of a plain brown paper bag and hang it about a foot over the fire. Swing it back and forth until some of the fat gets rendered and your bacon is maybe 5 minutes from being done then crack 2 or 3 eggs into the bag and keep swinging it over the fire. When it is done, put your bag on a rock or a table and rip it open and eat it off the bag with a fork and your fingers. Yes, you can salt and pepper the eggs while they are in the sack.

        1. We formed the burger into little meatballs, otherwise the same. One I remember particularly well when we were doing a requisite 5 mile hike, with a foot of snow on the ground.