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Wild Caught Shrimp YYC

Where can I find good wild-caught shrimp at a good price in YYC? None of the grocery stores I have been to have anything wild-caught and the fish markets are uber-expensive. I'd love some direction!

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  1. T & T will sometimes have live shrimp. Don't know if they are wild. Also the BC spot prawn season opens the first week of May and T & T will sometimes carry them, live, and they are wild and sustainable. Two caveats: They are not cheap, and if you are unfamiliar with spot prawns, do some homework as they are delicate and go downhill quickly after being, ummm... dispatched, and cleaned. But they are worth it.

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      Just got back from a week on an island in the strait of Georgia... We were pulling prawn traps every day and feasting every night.

      If you can find live spot prawns in town, they're unbelievable. Taste is almost as strong as lobster.

    2. I can't vouch for price, but Pelican Pier on 14th Street NW carries wild shrimp.

      1. The North Sea Fish Market in crowfoot has frozen BC spot prawns. Head still intact which is kind of nice.

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          Be careful when you buy spot prawns with the heads still on. The prawn has an enzyme in it that makes the flesh turn to mush very quickly. The best prawns are trap caught with the head removed and then frozen at sea in sea water. A great company that I use is called Organic ocean (full disclosure - I work at a restaurant and we do buy from them). The fisherman is named Steve and he supplies them all over Canada and the USA. Bonus is that they are an Oceanwise species. They are pricey about $27 per pound but they are the best.
          Live spot prawn season is just about with us, but in Calgary I have found that the frozen ones are a better product consistently.

        2. Second endorsement of the live Spot Prawns @ T&T when the season starts, hopefully next week. A simple steam...plop on the newspaper covered table, have a few sauces on the side (Ginger lime aioli, butter, lemon, what ever turns your crank... or just plain), Great, great meal...pop a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and you're in heaven!

          1. Thank you, everyone, for the great posts! I cannot WAIT until next week! Spot prawns, here I come! :)

            1. I went to T&T last week to see if they had spot prawns - they don't, yet. However, they did have black tiger shrimp that the fish monger said was wild (???). It was $7.99/lb. I bought some and it tastes great. . . thoughts?

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                T&T had spot prawns this weekend...$14.88 lb. Higher than last year, but they were great. Simply steamed for mere minutes, piled high on a table covered with newpaper, a couple of dips, a ginger lime aioli and a garlic, lemon and herb aioli, plus some grilled asparagus. Again...outstanding.

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                  I can check today. . . were they live? Heads on or off? The live, heads-on prawns intimidate me. . .

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                      Is there anywhere to buy the brand Western Family in Calgary? I just picked up a frozen package of wild spot prawns on sale. I purchased it at a Save on Foods, which I don't think you guys have do you?

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                      I went to both T&T Calgary locations this morning - no live spot prawns.
                      If anyone sees them live at T&T, I'd be very happy if you could post immediately. I live half way between both locations.

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                        Sorry, I was away, yes they were live...and great.