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Apr 22, 2012 05:24 PM

Kaya Toast in NYC?

Does anyone know if anyone in NYC serves Singaporean Kaya Toast?

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  1. Shopsin's has it on the menu.

    1. I'm not dead sure, but I think that the "coconut butter" toast at Saint's Alp on 3rd Av. in the East Village is actually kaya toast. Teariffic on Mott St. is also showing "Toast with coconut butter" on its menu.

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          You're welcome. Selamat makan!

      1. so there are two places i know of that you can buy real homemade kaya at (not the commercial canned stuff):
        - curry leaves in flushing: when you walk in they have a counter that has various cakes etc to go, they will have plastic container of it; its very authentic and tastes basically the same as what you get in singapore / malaysia
        - sanur in manhattan chinatown: if you go to the ground floor level (not the basement) in the window they have various kueh and other singaporean / malaysian pastries, but in the corner they will also have kaya in a plastic container. I haven't tried it yet as I'm still eating the last jar i bought from curry leaves, but it looks correctly made

        the toast and cold butter part is easy, I'd recommend getting it this way, you can make it very similar to what you would get at a kopi tiam in singapore