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Apr 22, 2012 04:46 PM

Paso Robles Winery Values

The idea here is to list wineries in the Paso Robles area that have really good values, and those that don't.

Opolo - I hadn't tasted their wines for a number of years, and never thought that they were that good. After revisiting them a couple of weeks ago, I would have to say t5hat their wing has greatly improved.
Good value.
Zin Alley - Frank Nerelli only makes four different wines, but every one of them is terrific. Very high quality - good value.
Linne Calodo - I haven't been there in a few years. You have to make an appointment to taste. Their wines are good, but very over-priced. Not such a good value.
Daou Winery - Beautiful vistas from their tasting room. Unfortunately, their wines are over-priced, and their Zinfadel is way too young to pour. Not such a good value.
Alta Colina - A limited production winery, but what they make is very high quality. Moderate prices. Good value.
Villacana - Very high quality wines, and moderate prices. Good value.
Shale Oak - New winery with an impressive tasting toom. Tasty wines at moderate prices. Good quality.
Red Soles - Most of their wines are too young. I'd say give this place a year or two, and they might be pretty good. Not so good value now.
San Antonio Winery (East side) - Wide variety of varietals, and moderately priced. Something for just about anyone into wine. Very good value.
Changala Winery - Low cost wines that are really tasty. Very good value.
Steinbeck - (east side) -
Steinbeck Winery - Very good wines moderately priced. Has Paso Port Winery in the same tasting room. Good value.
Sculpterra Winery (east side) - Combines sculpture with wine. Low to moderately priced. Has a really good selection of varietals. Really high quality. Their blends aren't quite as good. Very high value.

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  1. None of the wineries I go to anymore have reds under $30. The demand is high in Paso. These are all wines priced at about $40 for their reds up to $60, but I really enjoy them:

    - Tablas Creek (more restrained on their reds than my other faves)
    -Terry Hoage
    - Villa Creek
    - Denner (though now its super hard to get tasting appts)

    These ones are on the edge for me:
    Linne Calodo - Too big a wine for my palate (and I like really fruit forward reds). Lots of oak, lots of tannin, lots of partner likes 'em.
    Booker - again, too big for my palate for the most part, but my partner likes them.
    Daou - I really like their whites even though they are pricey...their reds don't seem worth it (but they seem on an upward trajectory, so I would keep checking back).

    This winery was a bad value at extravagant prices based on what I have had:
    Chateau Margene

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    1. re: goldangl95

      I agree with your choices. Reds are hard to find nowadays under $35 or $40. I actually like Daou's wines quite a bit, along with the others you mentioned. Villa Creek (Chris Cherry) does a great job.

    2. In the @ $20 range

      Barrel 27 - Rhone blends (east side) made my Macprice Myers
      Kenneth Volk - Rhones and some interesting obscure grapes (w/ Lone Madrone on 46)
      Edward Sellers - Syrah, Rhone blends just off 46

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      1. re: PolarBear

        Good choices, big fan of Edward Sellers myself!!

      2. My only thought is that value is subjective. This wine is good at $20 but not at $50, this wine is good at $15 but not $22. I've been to all the wineries you mentioned above...Daou, Villicana, Shale Oak, Red Soles, and Steinbeck are my favorites out of the ones you mentioned. Cheers!

        1. First off, I don’t think any purchase at a winery is a good value unless you are getting the Club price. If you are not a Member, sip and see you if you can’t find it in a local market. You’ll do a lot better than paying full retail at the winery. That said, here are my thoughts on “value” wines.

          Dunning - Good to excellent red’s at the price point. His chardonnay is over oaked for my taste though
          Villacana- Good to excellent across the spectrum at his price point. Like his whites and rose
          Halter Ranch – Same as Villacana. Has very good whites and Rose. Good value on the reds

          As to Linne Calodo – I love his reds and have been more than willing to pay his Club price for them for years. His is one of the few in the area that can justify a premium price.

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          1. re: mike0989

            I know many people that walked away from Linne Calodo thinking that it was not a good value. They thought it was over priced for the wine, therefore...value is still subjective. I have not had Dunning but I agree completely with Villicana and Halter Ranch. Bottom line is that there are a ton of great wines in Paso Robles, and most have decent pricing. It's a matter of going out and exploring the area and finding what wines and what prices each individual is comfortable with!

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              And here I was trying to keep Dunning a secret - :) I do think one either really likes his reds or not so much.