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Apr 22, 2012 02:42 PM

Bachelor Party Diner Options in Boston - Lively, Fun Atmosphere

I'm looking for some help with a diner selection for a group of 13 on a Friday night in Boston. Eastern Standard cannot accommodate our group size on the night we wanted, which was our first choice

It's for a bachelor party, so we are looking for a lively restaurant with good food, beer, etc. Something along the lines of Citizen Public House, which we are going to the night before for a pig roast.

No restrictions on cost, location. The key is the atmosphere. I was looking at Grille 23 but I think a traditional steak house is a bit too stuffy. Also looked at Scampo but again I wasn't sold on the vibe.

Thanks a lot in advance for some recommendations!

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  1. How about Town in the Back Bay?

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    1. re: debby29b

      Sorry it's actually Towne Stove and Spirits...seems like it might work.

      1. re: debby29b

        Thanks for the suggestion - I should say we are all around 29. Do you think Towne is too young? Also looking for some quality food/beer selection.

        1. re: gm2424

          i think the crowds at scampo and towne are too old for you guys.

          steakhouses get TONS of action from bachelor parties, so abe's, grill 23, even morton's at the seaport, could easily accommodate you.

          russell house is a good suggestion and i'll offer the gallows in the south end.

          depending on your friday, you may be clashing up against graduation season which will slim your options.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            Agreed - we are coming in from Toronto and had no idea about the graduations. It's the second weekend in June which is right when some graduations are I believe.

            The Gallows did look cool. I wasn't sure about South End but I'm reading there are a ton of great restaurants there. We are staying in the Battery Wharf area so it will be a quick cab ride - probably easier than getting out to Harvard Sq.

            I think Island Creek looks like a great option as well.

            1. re: gm2424

              there are a bunch of busy new restaurants in that area, the "seaport district". food quality is meh, at best, but they are all hopping busy.

              you're also a quick distance to chinatown and the north end. check out prezza and peach farm. the latter is bare bones, but awesome food.

              you may want to look at tico? i think of it as kinda girly, but the place is BUSY.

              not sure where you're traveling from, but boston is very compact and easy to get around for the most part.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Whiskey Priest - definitely a good place for a bachelor party, after you eat somewhere else.
                Recommend the outdoor deck at the new Legal's Harborside
                I had my bachelor dinner at Grill 23 - had the private side room off the bar - cannot go wrong with the chow there. But if you want a non-stuffy steakhouse, the other side of the spectrum is Abe and Louis on Boylston, which may suit your party better.

                1. re: hotoynoodle

                  Battery Wharf is on the Waterfront, not the Seaport, so the North End is close.

                2. re: gm2424

                  I was at The Gallows recently, and unless there's a back room that I'm unaware of, I think it's on the small side for a group of 13.

                  On the subject of Towne, I personally don't think it's too old. I personally think it's good for late-20s to mid-30s (or older, but mostly in that range).

              2. re: gm2424

                As someone who is the same age as you and is a beer geek I second the recommendation for Russell House Tavern. Solid beer selection, good cocktails, and a menu that should satisfy most everyone. Ask to be seated in the larger downstairs area.

                I like the Island Creek Oyster Bar idea. Their beer options are more limited but they have some good stuff. But they excel when it comes to cocktails and seafood. Maybe after dinner cross the street to Cornwalls for beer and some pool or darts.

                If you want to focus more on beer and liveliness instead of food I would suggest Cambridge Brewing Company(easily the best brewpub in the area). Lord Hobo and Mead Hall are in the same neighborhood and have great beer lists. It may be too late to change your plans now but the American Craft Beer Fest is the first weekend of June.

                1. re: Kinopio

                  I'll also point out a couple places super close to your hotel that would be good for a group of guys at some point in the weekend:

                  -Boston Beer Works is a local brewpub chain. There is one right by the Boston Garden that is 2 levels, with pool tables on the top floor.
                  -Stanza dei Sigari is an old school cigar bar in the heart of the north end. Even if you don't like cigars its a neat place to hang out and drink scotch.
                  -The place with the best beer selection within walking distance of your hotel is The Kinsale.

                  1. re: Kinopio

                    Waterfront Cafe directly across the street has an excellent beer selection. Probably on par with The Kinsale.

          2. Island Creek Oyster Bar could work if you like seafood. Big place, usually buzzing, good drinks list.

            Craigie on Main is another possibility if they can fit you in. Great food, good drinks, lively place.

            Those are the top two I can think of. Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square might also work, although the food is a step down.

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            1. re: nickls

              i think that you would want a dedicated room for the party and that the highest quality food is for once not important. I do not think that Craigie has such a room; perhaps ICOB does.

            2. I know it's a chain and not sure if it is too stuffy, but I would think Abe and Louie's would be good for what you describe? Also, if you wanted to head into the North End, Lucca could accommodate a party your size and the atmosphere is always buzzing with loud chatter. If those don't work, I don't think I am not really understanding what you want...

              1. I've only been for drinks and admittedly, some of the servers'...charms...were lost on me, but maybe Red Lantern?

                1. Don't go back to Fenway after the Citizen Pub pig roast... there are other places to see. Though I'd suggest that area for at least one night. Don't get rid of that.

                  Del Frisco's is a steakhouse w/o the stuffy atmosphere and would be great for a Bachelor party due to the female waitstaff's attire. Plus, there are a ton of fun bars around there- Whiskey Priest, Remy's, Temazcal, Legal Roof, Lucky's.

                  Or, you could do dinner in the North End, then head downtown to Stoddard's, Silvertone, Foley's, or Jm Curley for beers, stumble over to Lagrange Street for the ballet, and then end the night w/ some Chinatown grub.

                  You will not have a fun bachelor party in the South End. It's an artsy, homosexual enclave being encroached by yuppies and post-grad sorostitutes. There are some excellent restaurants and it's a beautiful neighborhood, but it's just not the kind of place for a bunch of beer drinking dudes whooping it up for a bachelor party.